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Bram Kavach Jaap Questions & Resource thread


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5 hours ago, Righteousness said:

Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fatehh Sangat Ji

I would like to know your experiences of japping this powerful Baani and for this post to serve as a place of knowledge.

What I know from the Maryada required whilst doing bhagti on Bram Kavach

- Amritdhari (If not you have to be living as Gursikh with your thoughts and actions) 

- Full Ishnaan (+kes)

- Wear clean clothes, Ideally Chola with kamarkasa, hazooria

- Wear White/ Blue dastaar 

- Sit on clean blanket (ideally white) 

- Complete Nitnem Baani, then do Mool Mantra Jaap, followed by Bram Kavach, followed by Anand Sahib, and then Ardaas.

- Hold Kirpaan whilst reciting

- Have Jot (Candle) lit, Ideally made from ghee with a cotton/hemp wick

- Ideally have Shastar in kamarkasa/ in elevated position in room

- Optional to have incense stick/ move incense stick around room before jaap to rid air of any air bourn bacteria

- Ideally have sarab loh bowl with paani (water) and ideally have sarab loh bowl with nuts (not required though), you will eat this at the end of the jaap

- Do not fart whilst doing the baani (I think to get the full benefit you have to be strict with your body control, correct me if wrong)

- Before beginning jaap for the next 30 days, do ardaas to Vaheguroo and make bhog/parshaad

- Jaap with absolute focus and practice pronouncing the baani properly 

Please add anything which I have missed as this is what I currently know. I would love to hear your personal experiences and what bhagti of this baani has brought to you. I've heard stories that Shaheed Singhs can be present when japping this baani, similarly to Sukhmani Sahib. That's why the Maryada is the way that it is. I think the aim to do 32 jaaps daily is ideal however if you were to do 1 mala or 6 mala would your experiences be tenfolded?  


Many thanks Sangat Ji, lets spread the knowledge and inspire likeminded souls. 





How much Jaap (in total) have you done so far of this Gurbani?

IMHO, if you are a beginner, just try to fully focus attentively (with firm belief and devotion) on the Jaap of Sri Braham Kavach. Make sure that your Uchaaran is Shudh.

Don't focus too much on the Outer Rehat for now. Take a shower and keep doing Jaap as much as you can (minimum of 32 Jaaps/day). 


Bhul chuk maaf

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1 hour ago, paapiman said:

Any small animals (rats, lizards, cockroaches, etc) in the house which can trigger the light sensors?

Are you British?


Bhul chuk maaf

Haha absolutely no chance. This house is kept so clean I would argue we have some sort of OCD when it comes to cleanliness 😂 currently living in the UK yes. In a little village up north. How about yourself?

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14 hours ago, paapiman said:


Is the sensor sensitive to light fluctuations or strong air currents?

What about the fumes generated by incense sticks and the Jot? Can they trigger the sensor?

Sorry for asking so many questions. We need to rule out all possible scientific explanations


Bhul chuk maaf

Reading this makes me smile 😁 I never actually took note of the sensor itself but it's solely based on movement and does not react to light. It does need a certain level of luminosity to be triggered i.e if it's light then it automatically won't go off, it has to be dark like when it's night time. It's placed in the centre of the hall and can pick up movement from 360degrees. The hallway and areas where the motion sensor lights are, are basically passeges to other rooms. There isn't any candles/incense/jot lit in these areas. And absolutely no source of air currents, afterall, our houses in the UK are actually built well 😆😉.

Now, for context, we have Mahraaj upstairs in their own room, and downstairs we have a shastaar room where Sukhmani Sahib is being played 24/7. The house itself is full of devotional Gursikhs and we try to do kirtan on a daily basis, during the time when the lights get triggered we are all doing bhagti so it eliminates any of us causing it.

There are other factors which would incline for Shaheed Singhs to be guarding/present however I wish not to state them as I don't want to come across as speaking from ego. Ultimately, I'm just sharing my experiences and I would love to hear if you have heard or experienced of anything similar. As Vaheguru wills, we move closer 🙏🏼

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At 44seconds into this video there is an extra line that I have not been reciting, is this meant to be there? What does it mean ⚔️


Also, in this same video there isn't the Dohra, I'm assuming during every  round of recitation you include the Dohra alongside the, ik oangkar Sri Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh, Bram Kavach aswell. Well this is how I've been reciting.


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On 2/21/2022 at 6:41 PM, Righteousness said:

Honestly I wasn't thinking of recording it however it seems to happen very consistently, however If I were to record it - for whatever reason I feel inclined not to just based on the fact that the intention is soley to gain Maharaj Ji's darshan, if this was as a result of something that I do not understand/ may not be able to see yet at my current spiritual state then Ill let it be and take it for as it is.

More than anything just wanted to share my experience. The house is full of extremely devout GurSikhs and I personally believe there are Shaheed Singhs present during Amrit Vela as the house has light sensors every where that only go off when movement is detected and every day at Amrit Vela without fail the lights regularly go off from 2-5am. (this doesnt happen at all during the day) Also sometimes steps can be heard creaking up and down the stairs but this is rarer. I'm not superstitious, far from it. But you have to put two and two together when you have the background knowledge, I'm sure all will become clearer over my upcoming years of devout Bhagti. Not sure if these are common occurrences amongst the GurSikhs that centre their life around Gurbani and aren't alluded to the pleasures of Maya. Don't really have many GurSikh friends but here we are on the internet! You learn to see the jot of Vaheguru in every soul.  


I found this video with the translations, I know that Guru sahib made this baani by changing the original Durga Kavach (32 praises of Durga) and related Bram Kavach to 32 names of Akaal Purkh, essentially creating Akaal Purkh Kavach but kept the name of Bram Kavach as everything is Bram. If you could add any historical context it would be greatly appreciated as I have truly fallen in love with this Baani. Your wisdom wont be wasted, this is all the info I know, so as I mentioned If you know any further knowledge/personal/people you know ofs experiences please share :)


On 2/21/2022 at 3:19 PM, paapiman said:

Do you want Daas to translate (in English) some of the stuff (related to Sri Braham Kavach) in the Kathas for you?


Bhul chuk maaf


19 hours ago, paapiman said:

Please read the Dohra, which can be seen in the above screenshot. 


Bhul chuk maaf

Havan is not included in translation of dohras?

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23 hours ago, paapiman said:

Won't that be recited when you are actually doing the Gurmat Havan (with the Jaap)?


Bhul chuk maaf

I don't think I understood you?

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On 2/20/2022 at 12:25 PM, Righteousness said:

ideally have sarab loh bowl with nuts (not required though), you will eat this at the end of the jaap

Are you interested in knowing the types of dry fruits that have to be kept?

Also, are you interested in knowing what kind of incense sticks to be used?


Bhul chuk maaf

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