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Black Hebrew Israelites are a criminal filled cult and very dangerous.

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So..in my Gnostic esque dive of all the information in the world, and shortly after becoming a Sikh, I worked with a Jamaican who's understanding of the Bible blew my mind. 

As part of my ongoing study of imperialism, and due to many factors of narratives overlapping, what I now know is BHI doctrine became woven into my world view and I quoted those israelites regarding the bible. 

Often times correctly. Sometimes fully, sometimes in spirit but not detail. 

Places where they are correct. 

Jews. Black. Priesthood? Black

Laws and covenants? For keeping. 

Jesus? Not cesare borgia. Not white. 

Catholic church? Probably run by satan. 

Places half right?

Ashkanazi jews etc, not really Jews. They aren't essau. White people aren't essau either. Jewish are descended from...Ashkanaz...big surprise. Who adopted customs but was not a Jew. 

Places they're wrong

Essau? Black and hairy. 

Biblically? White folk come from Gahazi..

Other places they're wrong? They have a lot of holes in their genealogy concepts, logical ones that mean by their own hate standards, half their members don't qualify. 

Some of them are extremely devout lovers of the Bible and probably real Jews. Even if they don't have their races correct outside of themselves. 

I have seen them basically do miracles and also watched them try and do lowly things. 

However. You should avoid them at all costs. They are racists and dangerous. Their ideology is a cult concept. 

You will see them on corners and in public, wearing fringes and stars of david etc. They can be excellent people, but ideologically u less you want to be abused by them and play slave best you give them a wide birth until they figure themselves out. 

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Parchar goes well, but ...and.. there is a lot going on in the black wold of Spirit. 

In terms of groups we could actually ally with? The melenated community itself outside of religions, Kemet, and black christians, and jews the authentic ones. Moors, but they're tainted by masonic nonsense...

So it's more like win friends and convert a few. 


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On 6/29/2022 at 10:41 AM, GurjantGnostic said:

Hearing them talk sh.. will forever be priceless. They really are a grade a cult. Just warning the Sangat they're potentially dangerous. 

If there are religous ties to the NY attacks it's going to be NOI, BHI or muslims who are black. 

What's NOI?

BHI - Black Hebrew Israelites right?


Bhul chuk maaf

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5 hours ago, paapiman said:

What's NOI?

BHI - Black Hebrew Israelites right?


Bhul chuk maaf

Nation of islam, also include their sub group the five percenters. 

Bhi is a blanket term for black hebrew israelites like IUIC, HOI etc, which are the two better camps. 

The camp structure itself is interesting and could be copied. 

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Might as well park this here. 

Clubhouse mortal combat, the rabbit hole. It's fascinating delving the religous debates. Groups will for a while hold their own. But like the gladiator arenas, even a promising champion falls. 

It's weird. I'm not sure if it's the narcicissm or..spirits..but when confronted with the Truth people act very strangely. Also when preaching...suddenly lapses in integrity manifest. 

It's like watching God and Karam play out as people debate about it. 

Last champion to fall Kemet. Cool ideologies, a lot like ours but...no actual practices and most of them are quoting oracle decks they bought. 

Most spirituality is out of a box these days. Like "oohhh yeah...your ancient oracle deck says what? No I mean on the box, milton bradley?"

And in terms of allying with anyone...welll... They can't even get it together internally as a people or individuals...

To be honest, Sikhi, and Sikhs standing alone, but converting and doing our save the innocent thing a bit is about all we can do. 

I've yet to test natives and islanders like I said but slowly and surely all the groups I monitor have fallen and failed or been exposed except for a few select swatches of black christians, and a coptic orthodox

Sikhi is unintentionally coming out King. And I'm not even debating these people. I'm just helping and being friendly lol. 

And mental illness seems to go with fake doctrines and the occult. 

Whew racism abounds. Lord. Lol. 

Sikhs really need to train and rely on themselves. Magic 8 ball says outlook not so good. This field lf spiritual potential allies is barren, desolate, depressing...the politics aren't better lol. 

Sikhi is so invisibly number 1. 

We should convert heavily, I reiterate. People are starved for Sikhi and alliances are not on the horizon. 

I know these randoms posts are odd, but you can't really..summarize days of clubhouse rooms. Just the outcomes as it relates to the Paanth like public health warnings. 

Be warned. It's a jungle with no friends. Lot of friendlies..but we need people who can be relied upon. 

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Tldr...in order for someone to be trustworthy..it takes Gurmat basically or a real adherence to something similar which I haven't run into. Except the above mentioned rare christian. And are they ally worthy? Mayyybeee. They're empathetic, logical, truthful people and some have soul?

But shoot trusting Sikhs is hard enough and we have Gurmat. The traitors in the Paanth ever, or even, existing is kind of mind blowing but we know it's so...so ..

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Moorish movement interesting but man made garbage. Also been coopted by masons. Their narrative is compelling and unifies races though. But Sikhi does that for real. 

The black indian movement may have some truth, that black tribes were sold as slaves and were related, but their organizational model is based on moorish movement and they're racist towards the accepted Native Americans. They are correct the slave ships don't even begin to equal the slaves "brought" here. 

Being said. The above groups are kinda nuts. Avoid. 

But the only black spiritualities surviving scrutiny are Bible based. And only some of them. 

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