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Racism in Poland (by an American)


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Last Updated: 3rd September, 2022 08:29 IST

Poland After US: 'American' Man Racially Abuses Indian, Calls Him 'parasite & Invader'

The abuser, who has not revealed his face in the entire video, was heard calling the Indian man a "parasite", "invader", and "genocider".

Written By

Ajeet Kumar


In yet another shocking incident, an Indian man suffered racial abuse allegedly by an American in Poland. The abuser, who has not revealed his face in the entire video, was heard calling the Indian man a "parasite", "invader", and "genocider". In the video, the man repeatedly asked the Indian to "go home". When the victim asked him to stop filming the video, the abuser said he has the right to record the video, adding "Because I am from America... and in America, there are too many of you guys. So why are you in Poland?"
Notably, this incident comes nearly a week after a Hindu was abused in California by a Sikh Indian-American and a woman heckled at least four Indian women in Texas. Moreover, in the video, the abuser in Poland was further heard asking the Indian, "Why are Indians everywhere, why are you in Poland?". "Do you think you can just invade Poland? You have your own country. Why don't you go back to your country?" the abuser told the Indian man.

Abuser asks Indian to go back, calls him 'parasite invader'

Though it was not established when or where the video was recorded, social media users claimed the video was from Warsaw's Atrium Reduta Shopping Centre. Some also identified the attacker as Jon Minadeo II, purportedly the founder of Goyim TV.
"Europeans want to know why you are coming to white man's land to take off from our hard work. Why don't you build your own country? Why are you a parasite? You are genociding with our race. You are an invader. Go home, invader. We don't want you in Europe. Poland for Polish only. You are not Polish," he said.  

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