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Family’s agony 16 years after Grandad, 68, brutally beaten and stabbed to death at his home


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@dalsingh101 this was in your 'ends'...If he has sons (five children mentioned below), wonder how they feel that their father died living alone



Family’s agony 16 years after Grandad, 68, brutally beaten and stabbed to death at his home

Mehar Singh Kataria was killed on February 3, 2006.

0_mehar_singh_kataria_2.jpg Mehar Singh Kataria (Photo: Met Police)

By: Pramod Thomas

IN a curious case, the mystery about the death of a granddad in East Ham still remains unresolved even after 16 years.

Mehar Singh Kataria, 68, in Byron Avenue in East Ham was killed on February 3, 2006, reportedly for £200.

According to reports, his killer remains on the loose and has never been brought to justice. The Metropolitan Police even offered a £20,000 reward for information.

During the time of the unfortunate incident, the retired tailor was living alone. His has five children and 13 grandchildren. His body was discovered in a pool of blood by his son at his house.

A police report said that Kataria was beaten over the head with a blunt object, and his body was then covered with a tablecloth by his attackers, and he was repeatedly stabbed in the upper body.

Officers believe that he knew the killer or killers, as there was no signs of any disturbance or forced entry.

DCI Carl Mehta earlier said that he suspected the killer was from the Asian community, possibly the Sikh community, where Kataria was well known. 

Appeals were made to anyone who had seen Mehar that day, as well as to members of the local Asian community. Police said they were keen to trace two Indian men that had been seen standing in the road where he lived, and had been seen in his front garden on the day that he was murdered.

Reports said that they had been spotted at various times during the days leading up to the murder, and were heard speaking in Punjabi with an Indian dialect. Unfortunately, the two men have never been traced.

“Why was he so brutally attacked resulting in murder? What could someone have possibly gained by taking the life of an old man? I need closure, my life is on hold knowing his killers are out there, knowing they are still living and my Daddy isn’t,” his youngest daughter Rimpy Bhatia was quoted as saying by media reports.

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2 hours ago, Premi said:

If he has sons (five children mentioned below), wonder how they feel that their father died living alone

I got story in that respect, but I'll tell it some other time as I'm tired.

I think usually this happens is because there has been a breakdown in communication between parent and children. I hear a lot of apnay complaining about their fathers and their rigid thinking. Some old school apnay blokes can be very overbearing and inflexible which leads to estrangements.     


I think this guy probably got knocked off by one of our own - but who knows? 

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2 minutes ago, Premi said:

My thoughts when I read about arguments in Punjabi was whether someone was hired to do it (‘inside job’)

Probably more like, someone had too much whisky and things got out of hand. 

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