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Dera Gufa Massacre (1947)

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5 hours ago, Sajjan_Thug said:

Dera Gufa Massacre

Before 1947, Muzaffarabad district of Kashmir (now under control of Pakistan) region had a good presence of Kashmiri Pandits, who became Sikhs during and even after Gurus’ era. ‘Dera Gufa’ (ਡੇਰਾ ਗੁਫ਼ਾ) was a famous Sikh religious center, which was very popular in and around Muzaffarabad. The ‘Dera Gufa’ was situated on a bank of river Krishna Ganga. It was close to border of Kashmir and Pakistan.

On October 22, 1947, when the recitation of ‘Sri Sukhmani Sahib’, a holy composition in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was about to be completed in early morning, a bullet fired from a gun struck to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji inside the Gurdwara. It was an attack by Pakistani tribesmen backed by Pakistani army.

Sant Kishan Singh and many prominent Sikhs of the region were inside at that time along with about 1500 Sikhs from nearby villages.

In a few moments, tribesmen and Pakistani army besieged the Gurdwara.

The young Sikhs came outside to face invaders. They killed many attackers and then were martyred one by one in front of Gurdwara Sahib. Now, only old people, women and children were inside the Gurdwara.

When Pakistanis faced no resistance any more, they put the Gurdwara Sahib on fire. Inside the Gurdwara, there were hundreds of women, old men and children. As the fire spread and heat became unbearable, people started to come out of the Gurdwara. As they came out, Pakistanis fired on them.

Among those martyred were Bibi Anand Kaur wife of late Sant Narayan Singh (a famous Sikh preacher and head of the Dera), and Bibi Malap Kaur, a daughter of Sant Narayan Singh.

Many Sikh women, including Bibi Parduman Kaur, a daughter of Sant Narayan Singh were abducted by invaders.

About 1300 Sikh men, women and children were martyred in this massacre.



Sikh Ubhar aSikh Sangaro. 

uh gur gobi(n)dh hooi pragaTiaa dhasave(n) avataaraa||
Guru Gobind Singh manifested as the tenth incarnation.

jin alakh akaal nira(n)janaa japio karataaraa||
He inspired the meditation upon the imperceptible, timeless and flawless Creator.

nij pa(n)th chalaio khaalasaa dhar tej karaaraa||
And initiated the Khalsa Panth, the Religious Path of Righteousness, and bequeathed scintillating splendour.

sir kes dhaar geh khaRag ko sabh dhusaT pachhaaraa||
Head high with full tresses, and the sword in hand, (the Panth) eliminated the adversaries,

seel jat kee kachh pahir pakaRio hathiaaraa||
Wearing the breaches, the symbol of chastity, raised the arms,

sach fate bulaiee guroo kee jeetio ran bhaaraa||
Roaring the war-cries of Victory to the Guru, prevailed in the immense battlefields,

sabh dhait arin ko gher kar keeo parihaaraa||

jab sahije pragaTio jagat mai(n) gur jaap apaaraa||
And then docilely manifested the appraisal of great Guru in the world.

yaua(n) aupaje si(n)gh bhuja(n)ge'ee neel a(n)bar dhaaraa||
Thus came forth the young Gursikhs, adorned in blue (robes).

turak dhusaT sabh chhai ke'ee har naam auchaaraa||
Who eliminated all the Turk (ruling Muslim) enemies and promoted the God's Name.

tin aagai koi na ttahirio bhaage siradhaaraa||
None dared to face them, and all the chieftains took to their heels.

jeh raaje shaeh ameeraRe hoe sabh chhaaraa||
The kings, sovereigns and emirates, all of them were decimated.

fir sun kar aaisee dhamak ko kaa(n)pai gir bhaaraa||

tab sabh dharatee halachal bhiee chhaadde ghar baaraa||
The upheaval ruffled the earth and people forsook their domiciles.

eiau(n) aaise dhu(n)dh kalesh mai(n) khapio sa(n)saaraa||
In such a conflict and distress, the world was absorbed.

teh bin satigur ko hai nahee(n) bhai kaaTan haaraa||

geh aaise khaRag dhikhaian ko sakai na jhelaa||
He (the True Guru), beholding the sword, displayed the feats bearable to none.

vaeh vaeh gobi(n)dh si(n)gh aape gur chelaa ||15||
Hail, hail (Guru) Gobind Singh; He, Himself, is the Master and the Disciple too.

Bhai Gurdas Singh Ji in Vaaran - 15

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