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Sikh community praised by Conservative MP and deputy Prime Minister


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On 11/16/2022 at 7:37 PM, Premi said:

Today in the weekly Prime Minister's Questions


Boris pretended he didn't know what the farmers protests were. When asked about them he dismissed them and pretended he thought they were a war between India and Pakistan- and not a comment on it to date. Between that and Thatcher helping to plan Operation Bluestar, Gandhi having the support of the British Government, i'd say the Biritish Government is up the Indian Govts ass*s and doesn't give a crap about Sikhs. They have alot to answer for.

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On 2/13/2023 at 11:04 PM, dalsingh101 said:

The other thing is: What's the point of so-called praise when you you actually put the most vulnerable members of the community in jeopardy by ignoring grooming for decade upon decade? I know a lot of apnay have some sort of mental blockage when they get a tiny bit of recognition in the mainstream - but they need to grow out of being so easily flattered like numpties.   It's embarrassing - they need to mentally grow up. 

I agree. It's Ustaat, flattery- but all praise belongs to God anyway. Also sexual and domestic abuse is rampat amongst Punjabi Sikhs and I would say for the most part, swept under the carpet. Alot of women and children out there suffering in silence for the sake of preserving family honour. These Punjabis turn up to weddings as a united front when some have been so badly abused by their families. I feel like many people are scared to speak the truth and tackle these issues head on.

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