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We have coders?

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We have any computer programmers on here. Let's remake sttm and brand it under SikhAwareness. 

At first:

Should have all the existing sttm features but patched. With the translations and citing fixed. 

Eventually: sync across device option. 

Kirtan and Katha recordings clickable, integrated

Guided Simran

GURI Punjabi Primer interactive

Mahan Kosh clickable and integrated

Tabla machine integrated

Random ai generated kirtan according to the actual musical theory guidelines. 

Plugin for this site 

messenger feature based on jami encryption. 

Interliner word for translations linked to the mahan kosh plug-in. 

Clone all resources on archive org and sikhnet all that and put it in Sikh run server. 


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If you wanna see how outdone we are look at the translations of the Bible, Biblehub, etc. Their websites and resources are dwarfing us. 

We should have entirely clickable, linked, referenced, multi lingual, with ithias and sakhi websites of Gurbani in total already. With Katha. Years ago. 20 years ago. 

How does Akal Takht not have that provided globally in several languages? How? How does any sizeable Samparada not have this? Taksal? How does even a large Gurudwara not have this?

Since the daswandh is a bust we need Seva people. 

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And in the chill zone we showcase @ਰੂਪ ਢਿੱਲੋਂ  (bahah I had to type gurmukhi for that. Fateh)  works and those he curates. As well as media we think is pertinent to Gursikhi from all walks of life piblished for free for our members under religous use lic. Like a Punjabi and global culture section. 

We need our own digital home schools and digital Dojos too but that's another app. Or shoot maybe same one. But the digital Dojo I don't want available to non Sikhs. 

Anyway. Simple at first.

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