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Difference between rehatnama and rehat-Maryada???


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Can any one enlighten me in this issue?? Whats the difference??

Also i want this topic to have broader approach...back near guroo's time... how rehat nama's and rehat-maryada's were made??? did guroo dharamsala called all sampardama/scholars together and have discussion...I dont think it was done in a efficent way thats why now we have more than one rehat maryada's and rehatnama's??

Please leave your views... :please:

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erm I'm not really 100% on this one

but i believe rehatnamas

are written by Guru ji's "kavis" as he had 52 or something like that

while rehatmaryada is the code of conduct of the Sikhs, written in the 20th century..

i think when they discussed it (the 5 takhta de Parbandic) and made conclusions from Gurbani :)

thats what I knw

/forgive my ingorace

bhull CHukk Maaf

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rehatnamas are written by random people around the time of or after the guru.

the rehat maryada is an amalgamation of gurbani, rehatnamas, historical sources, all examing by the finest scholars around......and its the conclusion they came to on what the rehat in the gurus times was probably like.

of course there are a few points of controversy - meat, kakkars, etc.

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