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Desi / ayurvedic flu remedies?


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Ayurveda Herbs.


CNN FLU coverage




Vicks Nyquil


Vitamin C


Flu - The onset of flu can be sudden and symptoms often include exhaustion, headache and severe aches and pains. Occasionally a stuffy nose, sneezing and sore throat are added to the mixture of symptoms. A cough is common and can become severe. High temperatures (102-104F) can last 3 - 4 days while a general weakness or fatigue can continue for 2 - 3 weeks.

See your doctor for antiviral medications to relieve flu symptoms. To help prevent the flu, talk to your doctor about vaccination with annual flu shots


My advice for you: Drink orange juice every four hours. Take rest as much as you can and take tynanol every four hours.

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h *cough* e *cough* l *cough* l *cough* o *cough*

anyone got any ayurvedic / desi rememdies to make the symptoms of cold and flu better?

i feel absolutely wretched. :(:(:( :cry:

ohh i have one extremly tasty solution. Sachi it works great.

Get Adrak ( Ginger ) and crush it

then boil water and put ginger in it

make sure u can smell the ginger in the water and then put ur chah patti and suger in. Put milk in. So once ur Ginger chah is made smell it and then drink it :D mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i usually catch cold on purpose so i can have ginger tea :LOL:

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whats wrong with her/his hairs joyce?

Pata Nahi Dear,

As I saw her she got so long so beautiful 'n' so silky hairs. I often appriase her for them. But she complaint bout hair loss.

Can U have some solutions...

Anyway i love bald peoples :wink:

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