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To those who need help with Meditation


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I posted this on the sikhsangat forum also:

"When I sit down to meditate I can't still my mind; my mind is all over the place."

I'm ordering a couple meditation DVDs (I've read alot of good stuff about these 2) which will help me focus much better, just thought I'd share:



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Prog SK,

I agree but still I would like to go deeper and deeper in meditation. First step is to relax and quiet the body then the mind. You can not go very deep in 15 minutes if all you think about is what is on the tube tonight.

but of course thoughts will always arise, I just imagine that the thoughts are just clouds passing by, no biggie.

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If your mind is too distracted you cannot do simran.

Being aware that your mind is distracted is a stage in meditation. Attempting to quieten or still those thoughts is a very aggressive attitude, and will leave you with stronger thoughts and a more deeply-ingrained ego. However, there may be benefits in your everyday life, such as being more effective at what you do, becoming successful and acquiring minor siddhis. This sort of meditation is enhanced by (don't try this unless you understand the reference and REALLY know what you are doing) drugs and alcohol. From the point of view of Sikhi, this is way off the beaten track.

Losing the illusion of control (over thoughts and actions) is the ultimate goal. Disinterestedly being aware of your mind generating thoughts is the way to go. You should make sure that your brain has enough electricity and oxygen to meditate. You can do it with caffeine, pepper or ginger. Strangely, the more frantic the thoughts, the more focus there is when you try to quicken. This is because your awareness increases. If you try to do something relaxing, the reverse happens. This is because your awareness decreases.

I hope this helps.

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wen we meditate, at da begining of da meditation stage, we have alot of thoughts, crazy ones too man! but if u try to stop those thoughts and think dat by doin dis ull b able to meditate beta dan u r soo wrong. u shud jst let those thoughts fly by...dis is how it works.

our minds r so darkened wid ignorance, and as we step onto da path of meditation and meditate, many things tie us down, our thoughts especially. now u dnt need to worry. here is how it works.

our minds r like a dusty surface, on which da dirt of kam, krodh, moh, ahankar and lobh have taken shelter. jst like we mop or clean ne dirty surface, da dirt flies off into da air and da air surrounding, BUT dis is CLEANS da dirty surface. jst like dat minds and consiousnesses work, but we clean dem wid NAAM SIMRAN...and in dat process we have crazy thoughts...so let em b, dey'll go soon :wink:

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