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Authenticity of Mahaan Kosh

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I was looking at the pictures of sikhs provided by Neo


and noticed that there was pictures of different Sampardava, but no picture of Taksal as a jatha or sampardya.

So I looked into it further and noticed, that there is no mention what so ever of taksal as a jatha or sampardaya.

It mentions all others Nihangs, Udhasis, Nirmalas, Naamdharis Adhan Shahis (sevapanthis) but no Taksaal..

Now this raises 2 questions..

Why isn't taksaal mentioned in History even though it is a corner stone of the sikh panth. ?

How authentic is the Mahaan Kosh.?

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Guest Javanmard

well maybe because there has never been a giani sampradaya or a damdami taksal. There certainly was a bhindra sampradaya of sant sundar singh, part of the nirmale but an independent sampradaya called taksal or giani sampradaya...well there is no evidence for that!

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Guest Javanmard

Baba Deep SIngh belonged to Nirmala and Nihang sampradaya. It is Sant Dharam SIngh who made him meet Baba Binod SIngh.

There is no mention in the records of any institution called damdami taksal.

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Recently I was quite suprised to see that famous historical Sevapanthis described as being part of the 'Giani Sampraday'. Giani Kirpal Singh ji and Sant Amir Singh ji of the famous Dera Sato Wali Gali were Sevapanthi babae. The dera has always been a Sewapanthi dera. The present Mahant of Dera Sato Wali Gali has created ties with Taksal.

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