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Books related to Sufiism!


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Anyone who wants to learn abou Sufi-ism in details please order following books.

Sufi Thoughts by S. R. Sharda (with a foreward by Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli)

Part 1: Origin, development, philosophy abd practice of Sufi thought.

Part 2: Sufism in Punjab.

Part 3: Impact of Sufi thought on Panjabi Literature.

Other books related to Sufism:

What is mysticism? And Mysticism of Guru Nanak, both by Dr. Dewan singh.

Hazrat Mian Mir and the Sufi tradition by Gyani Brahma Singh Brahma.

Studies in early mysticism in the near and middle east by Margaret Smith.

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The following extract is from http://www.sufiorder.org

You, the Ultimate Reality, are All in All.

Atheism confesses the ineffability of Your Essence.

Polytheism personifies Your manifold Attributes.

Monotheism witnesses the unity of Your Being.

In every God-Ideal an emanation of You shines forth.

The heart receives of You as much as it can contain.

When the heart is supple it is capable of every form.

Then Your manifestations surpass the limitations of belief.

— Pir Zia Inayat Khan

The above para reminded me line from JAAP sahib "anek hain phir ek he".

wjkk wjkf

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His father was a good raagi too. I've yet to hear the recordings, but Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote a nice text on the mysticism of music, a great topic if ever there was one.

For a Sufi he's big in India, and you'll find his english texts in most respectable bookshops (swarg ashram for example). Chistiya in general are predominant in India particularly with such places as Ajmer and Nizamuddin's shrine in Delhi.

I get the impression from my Sufi acquaintances that he is taken to be of a similar bent as Idries Shah, that some essentials were perhaps lost in translation...

Yaa huu

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