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ewwww, Xp and MAC

I have windows server 2003 :D on my laptop. It feels alrite. Has everything, File server, IIS, Media streaming support, IAS server the lot.

Only problem is that i cant get the drivers for some of the hardware.

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

It just depends..retailers tend to throw in free software, etc..On the other hand I may just get something custom-made..I don't wish to have memory problems, etc as I have seen with my PC..

Thanks for the info Iron Bangle..you've been a big help veerji!

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ibook is tight as far as MAC goes

Linux rocks my world!

:o:o:LOL::LOL: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Linux is real good people, just get scared off because they need to actually do some real work at the computer to do what you want. Mac is good for multimedia...ect but limited in other uses and costs alot..go with XP or redhat. macosX = unix


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while the mac os may be technically better, with xp:

1. lots of cracked software readily available

2. hardware costs are relatively lower (PC)

3. u can upgrade urself, apple are notorious at ripping u off on upgrades and don't sell individual parts.

or just get slackware and be better off all round.

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