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Bhai Balbir Singh Raagi


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Can anyone tell me bit more about him, his raag vidiya gurdev, his albums out there??

I have heard his 31 raag and 32 raag album. I fell in love with his classical raag music.... amazing feeling cant describe...

I wish if i had a boat and huge stereo... go in the middle of ocean at night and play his kirtan...lol.. anyway one of my fantasies :LOL::LOL:

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Yes there are soo many albums out on the internet of bhai balbir singh raagi on dc++. I really recommend you lads to join us here..download them... bare raag kirtan there!!!!!!!!!!

jtsingh veerjio, its easy to connect to dc++ use passive mode or active mode.. it should work one way or another...

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I have never been into kirtan or have gone out my way to listen to it, it was always hip hop, r&b, garage, that kind of stuff. One day my mate played his kirtan in the car & now i cant stop listening to it, its awesome - you really have to listen to it carefully & full heartedly to appreciate how good it really is, now when i play hip hop or R&B i think what is this s!*&. Excuse my French. Is Bhai Balbir Singh a Nihang?

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