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What's the difference between Sant and Bhai?

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i think one is a saint and the other, just a peer. In sikhi we are taught to seek out the company of the holy, and i am assuming that would include both of these.

It gets a bit silly when ppl are given labels though, like ppl who do kirtan are called Bhai so and so. When the usage of the word doesnt normally extend to other members of the community.

I probably wouldnt use either label on anyone or myself. Interesting question though ..

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with "sant" anoop singh, i don't think he created that name for himself. Other people probably gave it to him.

During the times when the Gurus were physically on Earth, they didn't really refer to people using "Sant" ___ Singh Ji. They did use Bhai, however, which means brother. Most males in Sikhi are referred to as Bhai ___ Singh Ji. Some very enlightened or spiritual people are referred to as Baba ____ Singh Ji, like Baba Jarnail Singh Ji, Baba Thakur Singh Ji, etc.

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