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Struggle For Justice


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'fateh jee

Sorry if i caused any inconvenience My handle is actually <~#§#~/> not the one i said above

Anyway ive uploaded the Biography of Sant jee - which is taken from the book STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE onto the server in the folder:


so u dont have to rely on me being online. I think (read it a couple of years ago) this is only a small part of the book since most of the book bhas translations of Sant Jees Speeches

Also I was told to upload some Sant Anoop Singh Kirtan but ive only done abit of that.

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Aight people here it is :)


www.pure-panjab.net/Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawale Part 1Taken from-STRUGGLE4JUSTICE.pdf


www.pure-panjab.net/Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawale Part 2-Taken from STRUGGLE4JUSTICE.pdf

Also..for some reason it doesn't want to link the whole adress, so just copy it to the adress and paste it to the adress bar..

to save it, when you're inside it just pres the diskette button :)

Thanks a lot Ssinghuk

P.s thats only 2 of the 3 :?

bhull chukk maaaf

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