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Holla Mohalla - Sikh Celebartion of Martial Games


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i got this email sent to me by a friend. it looks very interesting. as there seem to be many people on the egroup interested in Nihangs and Nihang Reyat. this may help us understand more about the martial concept of war.

anyway. read the below attachment and check out the picture.

p.s. also there is a Yudh (Gatka) tournamment being held in the U.K. birmingham on teh 7th of march ( Holla Mohalla). oldbury Gurudwara.




18:30 - 21:00 Tuesday March 9 2004

Harris Lecture Theatre, Hodkins Building, King's College London, Guy's Campus, SE1 1UL

Nearest Tube Station - London Bridge


Holla Mohalla is the great annual Sikh martial festival of the Khalsa, which falls in late March. The event was specifically inaugurated by Guru Gobind Singh to infuse a permanent martial spirit into the Sikh community. It was in March 1700 that Guru Gobind Singh added the Sikh martial festival of Holla Mohalla to the end of the traditional Hindu Indian festival of Holi.

On this annual event, Guru Gobind Singh would organise martial contests between two Khalsa armies, one of attackers (‘Holla’) and other of guardians (‘Mohalla’). The aim of the Holla team was to dislodge the Mohalla team off the hill fort of Lohgarh (Iron Fort) and capture it. The aim of the Mohalla team was to drive back the attackers and keep hold of the fort until sunset. In this military war game, the contestants clashed with each other fiercely, and fought bone-breaking contests with the wooden clubs and sticks. This contest would begin early in the morning and ended at sunset, after which the Guru would reward the victorious Khalsa warriors and those who had shown exceptional daring and skill.


The Guru’s clear lessons of physical and mental preparedness as epitomised by the celebration of Holla Mohalla are being forgotten daily by the Sikh community. The skills and training imbibed by the individual participating in Holla Mohalla are those that are not only applicable in a battlefield context but are also useful in today’s hectic, fast-paced lifestyles. This event has been organised to help young Sikhs to understand the meaning and hidden treasures that are embodied in Holla Mohalla, the Guru’s game.

The event promises to be both exciting and educating, with world class speakers specially selected to present a range of talks covering the Sikh martial heritage.


Tel - Amardeep Singh - 07950 323 785

Email - sikh.soc@kcl.ac.uk

Coach leaving from Coventry University, Priory St., for details email sikhsocietycu@khalsa.com Tel Satnam : 0796 0055 104

Supported by the following Sikh Societies: Kings, UCL, Imperial College Westminister , Royal Holloway , Queen Mary's , Goldsmiths , Coventry Uni, Middlesex, Southbank, LSE, SOAS, Greenwich, Warwick, Guildhall, SOP, et al

Image courtesy of the Institute of Sikh Martial Heritage

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Mr David Edge- expert in oriental/asian weapons.... curator at the wallace collection museum

Nihang Nidar Singh - Expert in ShastarVidiya, Nihang history, et al

2 Lt H. Gill - first Sikh Army Officer to go through Sandhurst in the last 20 years. will be giving his input on his regiment and experiances in the Army

Cpl S. Mann - RAF personal. will be giving talk on the RAF and issues regarding Ethnicity in the armed forces. also she will be talking about her experiances in the RAF.

there will also be a few other dignateries there.

cant really say who they are at the moement. as the list keeps getting longer.

there will be a few specialists there from the War Studies Dpt. and a few government personal.

other that that i dont know?

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