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My nightmare from last nite...


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I doubt anyone's interested in it, but it kinda really bothered me since i haven't had one for a long time....

But anyways what happened basically was that i was with some ppl that i din't even know at a sikh conference (there was one here last weekend that i wanted to go to, but couldn't due to time and what not)...and anways things r goin kewl, until we enter a room, and this chick's like i see a ghost and he's not good, and and we all walk in and suddenly, i feel the presence, i don't see him, but i feel him there and it's such an odd and evil feelin, and it's sinister....next thing i remember is that the group starts doin simrin and then i woke up doin simrin and i had the weirdest feelin in my back along my spinal cord....crazy stuff eh... I wonder what it could mean? Any suggestions?

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I'm not going to give suggestions what I think it means BUT it certainly sounds like a wake up call. Maybe GuruJi is letting you know that you need to do more Naam Simran?

I think you were blessed to get this nightmare.

Read the Following from Bhai Rama Singh Jee's nightmare:




You can read more summaries here from his book:


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my brother had a dream once, where me and him were sittin gin a car and all of a sudden a tornado comes and picks up the car and we are twirlling inside of taht tornado. So he tells me to start doing simran, so we both start doing simran and slowly slowly the car lands down safely.

The dreams are very similar, your unconcious is getting a subliminal message that Simran can save you, it has great strength. You should ask your self why did u start doing simran, why not just run away as it is the most illogical thing to do. Change is occuring within your unconcious that it is finally seeing the power of Simran. Did you felt a sense of security n safety when you did Simran??

atleast that is my understanding of it. So don't think too much of it, but take it as a sign for you progression in Simran, i would start to do more simran.


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I dont really know if hell is like this:(http://e.domaindlx.com/punjabtiger/Rama-Jee/hell3.jpg)

But I think i had a dream similar to this it was when i was small.

I would see stick man? Black in colour all lined up on some circler stairs? I think there was fire below in the middle? I used to wake up crying for my mum. I didnt feel like getting back to sleep afterwoulds.

This dream was soo old. I was so small when i had these dreams, i think about 5-ish? And this dream left a mark in my mind ever since. This thread reminded me of this dream, thanks for reminding me.

O Waheguru, please give me strenght to over-power maya. :pray:

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This dream was soo old. I was so small when i had these dreams, i think about 5-ish? And this dream left a mark in my mind ever since. This thread reminded me of this dream, thanks for reminding me.

lol this reminds me of my dream, when i was in india, and was about 7 - 8 years old i used to have this weird dream. It used to be extremly real.

U know how we have those flat roofs, and in summer people put manji's there and sleep under the stars. Well we used to do that as well and my dream used to be that i was standing on the edge of the roop (wat u call it Banna / Banera ) and i would jump off it.

As if jumping off the roof wasnt bad enough, the way i dreamt doing it was horrible. I think it was like, someone had glued my feet to the banera and i would fall off the way a diver dives into the pool ( head first ).

at that point after jumping, i used to wake up everytime. :twisted: :? voodoo?

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