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Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

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Taken from gursikhijeevan.com

After the demise of Dewan Darbara Singh, two jathas of the Sikhs were formed, Tarna Dal and Budha Dal. Tarna Dal was divided into five and five Jathedars were made. Baba Deep Singh led one of these Jathas. In his Jatha two thousand horse riders would be ready. When Massa Rangar did an act of sacrilege (desecration, profanation) to the Golden Temple, Sri Harmandir Sahib, it was Jathedar Budha Singh of the Jatha of Baba Deep Singh, who sent Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Methaab Singh. They beheaded Massa Rangar, which was put before Baba Deep Singh Ji. When Baba Deep Singh Ji heard the news that Jahan Khan was desecrating the holy tank of Sri Amritsar Sahib, he could not control himself. Baba Ji took with him five hundred warriors. He put on clothes of yellow color (Kesri Rang). He adorned himself with all the customary weapons. He took the double-edged sword in his hand and did ishnaan in the sarower of Sri Tarn Taran Sahib. He offered Parshad to the Sangat and made an Ardas before Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. With the slogans of 'Bole So Nihal' he started advancing towards Sri Amritsar Sahib. He offered his final prayer, "Until and unless i make free the Golden Temple, Sri Harimandar Sahib from the cruel hands of the enemy, I will not lay down my life."

What is nectar? This is the nectar

of which even a drop if goes in the body of someone

That one will come into the battle-field

with sword even after death;

If a drop goes inside the eye of somebody

The death cannot dare to stare the eye

Both the armies faced each other in the battle-field of Chabba. The whole ground became red with blood. There was a bitter fight between Baba Ji and Yakoob Khan, where Baba Ji struck him with such force with his mace that he breathed his last. Seeing the death of Yakoob Khan, Jahan Khan came forward himself. In this fight both struck each other beheading each other. Seeing this, a Sikh said "Baba Ji! You had made an Ardas that you will put your head at the altar of Sri Guru Ramdas, but what has happened now?"

Hearing this, Baba Ji put his head on his left hand and started killing the enemies again. Those who saw this were wonderstruck and the enemy started to flee. The were saying that the general of the Sikhs was fighting even when he was beheaded.

Fighting this way, Baba Ji reached inside the Parkarma of Sri Harimandir Sahib. Sikhs shouted slogans of victory. Baba Jee made an Ardas and put his head in altar of Sri Guru Ramdas Ji.

Cut the heads; fall down there are

innumerable arms and heads

Go forward like the man perfect

The head will be put at destination.

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As far as, I know and my memory power goes there was Gurdawara sahib in Taran Taran, from where Baba ji threw his head towards Harminder Sahib? I can be wrong but that's what I heard from locals.

Also, just for the record, can you verify the source of this story?

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My grandfather is an avid historian... he was a Principal for the majority of his life...

Anyhow, nowadays many talk about how this story is exaggerated and how only Baba Deep Singh Jis neck was slightly cut, stating he was not decapitated...

My grandfather has read numerous books by MUSLIMs which were ANTI-SIKH... BUT, when they referred to this great battle, they ALL stated how BABA DEEP SINGH JI was beheaded and DID continue fighting...

It is just in the past twenty years with the new extremist HINDU government that all these books have been destroyed and replaced by bullshit propaganda stating how SHAHEEDs such as BABA DEEP SINGH JI did not fight with BabaJis blessings...

Hope this made sense... great post!

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