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When indians take over microsoft


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Hey guys, i always listen to microsoft Webcasts which are very usefull if u want to know about a certain microsoft subject, or learn how to do something i.e Programming in such and such language.

Right now i am learning Biztalk server programming and came across this webcast. You maynot find it intersting but please listen to it for a minute or two its very funny.


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

'velcome ladies and GENTLE-MAN let us quickly see vut is THE OUR agenda for today' :LOL:

I loved it..thanks..I have no idea what all of this is, I'm a designer after all, but this was enjoyable lol!

Learned some new things today...

BizTalk Server 2004 connects systems, people, and trading partners through manageable business processes and transport adapters.

Here is the link for upcoming and past webservers


Hey, does Adobe or Macromedia do things like this?? This is just too good!!

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