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Gurpurab Pics from India, Jullandhar 2003


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I went to India recently and got caught up in this huge nagar kirtan clebrating Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Birthday. On of my fav parts was watching the Scottish Sardar Ji's band...WOW!! I'll post the rest later this week. I had such a fantastic time that day, probably one of the best moments in my life so far :D It'd be great to invite these guys to one of our Nagar Kirtans..!

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:cry: :cry: Girly u just brought back so many memories. I remember sitting/ hanging on to a trolley During nagar kirtan in Jalandhar. We used to go around half of the city singing shabads. As kids we had great fun.

Those pics of urs are great can u tell me where in Jalandhar did that Nagar kirtan take place?

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(Aww@ the memories)..Have u got any pics of them? I was amazed at how fab the Nagar Kirtans were in India

It was in Jallundhar Cantt Choni (shonii, dont know how to spell it), my Massi lives 3 minutes away from the main Gurdwara. Whilst we stayed there, my dad used to get up and do seva there and on Gurpurab, they handed him a Saropa due to his hard work..(great holiday for him !!)

It was so great, they had Miri Piri Academy American Singhs and Singhani's (unfortunately I got so caught up in the fun that I didnt take pics of them- there were THOUSANDS of them).

I really enjoyed it, there was noise - fireworks, kirtan, the band, vans and trucks from the early hours till the late at night. Outside the Gurdwara, there was a model plane full of fresh petals, it was HUGE..and as the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji passed, all the thousands of petals were tipped out.

Every single street had Khalsa Flags up, and a different band..absolutely everywhere. Hindus/ Sikhs, people from the local Pinds :D:D ..everyone joined it.

One thing, because my Massi's house is literally next to the Gurdwara, i got NO sleep..they'd start doing Kirtan from 4am every morning! and in addition to that there was a late night Jagrata (Hindu festival every night )...so when i got back to UK, I looked like I had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson..and had a lot of sleep to catch up!

Amardeep, you should go back for a holiday end of October time, it all happens around then. I am going again for sure!


One question, I noticed that quite a few of the Gurdwaras dont serve Langar 24/7 (well this one didnt). People said that its due to poor people taking advantage. The only serve Langar on Gurpurabs/ Bhasakhi etc. Why is this? Why not 24/7? Surely thats wrong

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Ok, u better stop making me jealous and bringing back all them memories. Jalandhar Shauni Kent was the most cleanest place in jalandhar when i was small. My dad was in the army so we used to go to this military hospital for regular checkups and sometime goto work with dad.

The drive through Shauni was wikid cos of all them Army trucks. Neways i got no chance of going bak till i finish uni which is another 1.5 yr :( So You and other fellow Jalandharis are my only hope.

Keep the pics coming.

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Jalandhar shaonee... well... my whole child hood was spent there... I was there from 1981 till 1989... had a wonderfull time of my life... which gurudwara you are talking about ?

thanx for revitalising the memory lane... :)

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