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Brahm Boadh and Brahm Giaan

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The words 'Bodh' and 'Giyaan' belong to 'Sanskrit' language. Both the words have same meaning; that is 'knowledge'.

For example, Brahmgiyaani Sri Ashtavakra Jee said to King Janak, "Bodh-o-aham Giyaan Khanden tam nishkritya sukhi bhav". (Sri Ashtavakra Geeta).

Thus, 'Brahm Bodh' and 'Brahm Giyaan' is same thing.

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Guest Javanmard

If we look at the Sanskrit roots of bodh (bodhi) and gian (jnana) we have the following ones:

BUDH, bodhati: to wake up (intrans.)

JNA, jnanati: to know

So brahmabodhi and brahmajnana are slightly different in the sense that brahmabodhi is the awakening to Brahman and brahmajnana is knowledge of Brahman. One could see it it in the following way: brahmabodhi describes the state of conscience of the one who has attained brahmajnana.

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