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Personal dairy of sant baba ishar singh ji.....


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I got this book called "Ishwar Amolak Lal". I like to share couple of pages with the sangat. Some really interesting stuff in this book. I scanned about 8 pages. And i ll do rest of them once i get feedback/comments from the sangat of how they liked it!.

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whyd they publish his private stuff? dont u tink thats a little disrespectful?

dunno though

This reminds of an sakhi of sant maharaj ji-

Sant maharaj after gettin prabhu prapti did 8-9 hrs of divans every day during nuo mag. Sant maharaj used to say this in his tapes all the time. He goes mein sir chuoo kam lai laya, hun ta sirar sangat da haie.

His personal dairy was published by sant baba teja singh ji who have sant gaddi right now at rara sahib..

In the personal dairy it has pure upma to akaal purkh and ways how to get prabhu prapti not really personal about his life. Bhramgyani's dont have personal life. There life/sirar is for the sangat and they do it by spreading guroo nanak dev nirankar dii sikhi...

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I have been reading "Ishavar Amolak Lal" lately.

Its really recommended ...especially for Jaguaso in bhakti marg... its highly recommended for spiritual seekers, people with bariaag...!

Level of Language used in the book- Hindi(mostly), punjabi, farsi (persian)... but they all written in gurmukhi !

Enjoy :D :D

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