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Earings on a singh..well a wannabe singh

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Gurfateh sadh sangat ji.

Please dont make assumptions about me/my mentality because of the obvious question im going to ask u (because there is a taboo attached to this topic.)

But whats ur personal, and views in the context of sikhi (i guess) of earrings?? Because aside from there being NO bani (however many times people may try and change the bani of guru nanak dev ji to say otherwise) there is only historical evidence i.e paintings and descriptions of old school singhs. And in all of these men use to wear them. And please dont say theyre for women, because some women wear turbans..and then some men were bana (which some people could say is like a skirt.)

Thanking u in advance!

P.S im not a rudeboy or "lafanga", im jst a guy on a spiritual persuit who happens to find earrings attractive..plus my ancestors wore them..which is kinda neat..not to forgetting the fact that i can swap with mum.

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Guest Javanmard

Well there is s prohibition about piercing ears and this refers to the Kanpatha Gorakhpanthi initiation process. But you are right, earings are shown on old SIkh paintings. Let me have acloser look at it and I'll try to provide you with an accurate academic answer!

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Guest Javanmard

As far as I can see it there is a prohibition to split the ears. Spliting the ears was part of the initiation ritual of Gorakhpanthis and certain Udasis. Maharaj is asking his Khalsa not to undergo that rite. Now certain earings do not require piercing at all

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Princes and Kings used to wear earings as part of the jewellery they adorned. Only stately people in the past used to wear such jewellery to enhance their importance in society.

It may be true that even the Sikh Gurus and the Khalsa Raj rulers also adorned themselves with earings (the paintings we see are artists' impressions and we cannot lay claim to any accuracies to the subjects).

But I do not feel such princely adornments are valid anymore. And when it comes to men wearing earings in this day and age, it just sounds so ridiculous. I do not know what statement they make by wearing them. In the West, men even have pearcings on their bellies and tongues and it is nothing less than cultural decay and trash.

A Sikh must be what the Gurus instructed them to be. The Bana is described by the 5Ks and if you have seen any great GurSikh since the fall of the Khalsa Raj sporting earings, I'd be interested to know who they are. You will not find any, sorry. That proves the point that the days of the princely adornments are long over gone and dead.

It is now time for a Sikh to look simple and live simple. Why does everything have to be in the Bani? If one is so concerned about certain things to be mentioned in Gurbani, are the rest of the things said in it being done?

We waste our lives questioning the wrong things. If we read Gurbani, we will realise how much we have to do to purify the self and steer the soul back to God. With only a lifetime, do we really have the time to discuss things that have no significance on our spiritual progress? Instead, such issues clog our minds and de-track us from what we really must be concentrating on.

For one on a spiritual quest, there are more important things that the soul needs, but unfortunately, we try so hard to please the body first. In the end, we lose our lives and soul in this gamble.

So my request to you would be to feed the soul, and not adorn the body with what it is of little or zero significance. If we just keep to the Bani and Bana, that is all a Sikh of the Guru must be adorned with.



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kiddha sikh_fauge ?! lol well i asked the same question on this very forum :: http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...hlight=peircing

lol u ll get all kinds of responses! if u ask me (call it my teen persona if u want) i don't think earrings or any piercing is a bad thing.. its something that if one likes they shud go get it! i of course won't do anything without my mothers/fathers persmission... the answer to everything seems to be when ur married... a long time from now... check it out!


keep on smiling :)

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lol silly questions must be questioned... but the silly question must have an answer. There must be an answer, or else why would it be a question. And i just ask them since i know many people want to ask it, but don't... and for of course statistical reasons :)

keep on smiling !!!!!

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