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Sant Jarnail Singh ji, Shaheed or not ?

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Gurfateh people,

is Sant Ji Shaheed or not ?



Ps. Admin, i searched the site, there soo much on Sant Ji, you got any links regarding his 'shaheedi'.

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ok now the thing is he been gone for 20 years thats along time. all repsec to the man but y his comin bk so important.

i only heard about him after his shaheedi so i didnt no much, but mans called him a Sant so i would believe he was holy, but jus because he was i dnt think people gotta cling onto the myth that he may make his return.

i would love for this guy to return but realisticly will he?? wen??

what was it that made im so special, why kdo so many people look up to im,

please discuss


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This is such a controversial issue, almost on every website this sort of issue goes on forever and ever. None of us really knew him personally so its difficult to say. From my personal views, I think that some of the many reasons why he was looked up to was cos of the fact that he revived the sikhs to come back to their religion, was one of the very few genuine Sikh leaders we had, he knew that oppositions wanted to destroy sikhi and he stood up as much as he could to prevent this.

I know a few stories about Sant Ji that indicated that yes he was very much an enlightened person. He had earth moving 'powers' due to his spirituality and this had been witnessed by various people.

In my opinion, whether or not he'll come back..we wont know, but God always sends the good people to guide us and I know that we have yet to wait for another leader(s) to come and help us throught these bad times.


Moderate Note: We think that main question has been answered which was the intention of this thread. And now allowing further discussion on this matter will lead to subjective responses and conflicts within certain members. We should consider Sikhism and Gurus higher than anyone on this earth. It is always good to follow Guru Granth Sahib. Sant Jarnail Singh was Sikh of guru like so many others.

This discussion is locked in order to avoid any conflicts.

You can visit site started by Dam Dammi Taksal to get more information regarding him.

here is the URL.


Also you can visit www.sikhnet.com and search their discussion for for sant Jarnail Singh and there are so many interesting discussion you can read.

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