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Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (short Sakhi)


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During his tour of Malwa, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Jee reached village Barna from Kaithal. He inquired of a man outside the village, "Brother, does any Sikh of Guru Nanak live in this village ?" He replied, "There is one fanner who is Guru Nanak's Sikh." The Guru said to him, "Please go and tell him that your Guru is outside the village and calls you." That man went and brought the farmer to the Guru.

That Sikh came, touched the feet of the Guru in reverence and requested, "Please honour me by going to my house and make yourself comfortable there. I shall be back in a short time after getting my fields measured by these men. They are to measure my fields to calculate land revenue payable by me to the Zamindar." In those days Zamindars owned all the land and farmers working on the land owe 2/3 of the farm produce. Taking leave of the Guru, the farmer went to his fields with the waiting men. The fields were measured and the measurement came to half of what it used to be in the previous years. This resulted in the land revenue coming to half. Seeing his taxes coming to half, his belief in the Guru was complete because by the honour of seeing the Guru, his land revenue was reduced to half.

That Sikh, served the Guru with great devotion on his return from the fields. The Guru said to him, "My dear Sikh give up the use of tobacco. Do not even touch it. If you bring it in the house, not only disease but poverty also will harass you."

In those days smoking was increasing not only among the rich but also among the poor because tobacco was cheap. Tobacco does not act like other intoxicants such as hump, cannabis or alcohol which have a sudden benumbing effect on the mind and which were forbidden by all religions at that time but not tobacco. However it effects the body and mind as badly as the other intoxicants do. No other religion except the Sikh faith has prohibited the use of tobacco. All except the Sikhs adopted it. It's demand was increasing day by day. To meet the demand, people had started its cultivation.

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Jee had not only prohibited his Sikh from smoking but had also asked him not to touch it, because if the use of tobacco could bring disease and poverty to a Sikh. How could the Guru, who wished welfare of everybody, allow his Sikh to produce tobacco in his fields for others.

Waheguru Ji kaa Khalsa, Waheguru Ji kee Fateh

We look around and see so many brothers and sisters smoking tobacco (Cigarettes), but, why do we go out and want to be someone were not ? Do you ever see any black or white people trying to be like us (Sikhs)? NO! Because they are proud to be what they are, Unlike US?!!

We smoke and do drugs to be 'Cool', but whats so Cool in smoking? 'Cool' is a person who can be him or herself without chosing the path that ends up only for the worse. Smoking or doing drugs doesn't prove your 'Cool' at all but infact proves you are Selfish with No respect for SIKHI or your Family.

bhul chak maph

'Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Naam Chardi Kalaa, Tere Paane Sarbat da Palaa'

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We look around and see so many brothers and sisters smoking tobacco (Cigarettes), but, why do we go out and want to be someone were not ? Do you ever see any black or white people trying to be like us (Sikhs)? NO! Because they are proud to be what they are, Unlike US?!!

No, because we are a minority and white's as well as black's (depending on your geographic location) are majority. Most young Sikhs usually fall into the trap of following the norm, and that's where things begin to go wrong. Its just a matter of self-realization along with strong will-power.

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there was one sakhi i read somwhere a while ago that related to tobacco. it was of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guruji and his soldiers were wlaking thorught the jungles and forest and they came across a plant and Guruji controlled his horse to trample this plant! and the sikhs said why did u just trample this plant for no reason! he said this plant in the future will be the cause of many deaths and diseases. this plant brothers and sisters was a tobacco plant!!! the Guru is great!

please forgive my mitakes!


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great Sakhi, just great.

But i have a question, when I was younger, I went to my moms pind in India, and as we entered i saw something that looked very interesting (later when i found out what it was, it wanst so interesting) it was hooka, or something like that. i touched it not knowing whatit was, after i was told what it was and i was very shocked as to what i had done. Furthermore, just recently a boy at school had brought a pipe, i didnt know what kind it was so i touched it. i found out it was a marijuana pipe. IS THIS PAAP, WILL I END UP IN POVERTY AND SICKNESS??

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