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Atheist view on Sikhism!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Very rational answers... but some of members here would not like it... i am sure...

This is the Sikhism I knew before hanging out at Sikh forums then again my knowledge is pretty limited.

Ali tries to open up other peoples mind to Islam but in turn closes his mind to other religions. Although I am a fan I must agree, his contention of convincing the enemy with peaceful means at all costs is ludicrous to say the least. He should go live and fight his crusade in Saudi Arabia. Let him learn firsthand the folly of his idea of fighting an evil with purely peaceful means.

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amen to that bruva (? u a a bruva or a sistah?)!

as long as ur followin it with ur heart and not harmin innocent ppl... it's all good...

so wot if u think its ur heart tellin u, bt instead its ur mind controllin ur heart?? eh?? wot bout gurmat...??

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