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Discuss how you spend your day?


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study, clean, SA, syc, walk doggie, sleep and... hmmm... study some more, and somewhere in between all this interesting stuff, i find time to do a bit of Keertan and listen to music as well as chat with some friends, call friends, meet with (u guessed it!) friends... oh yeah... and water the lawn and pull weeds while gettin scared of those wacky things called WORMS!...

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Well, average day consists of getting up around mid-day, check emails, browse the net abit, go to back yard and smoke hookah for a few hours, come in doors and cook something, then watch some tv and go back to sleep. If i can fit in the time then i'll work out for awhile.

This is if i stay home. Usually if i go out then i'll come back the next day and then sleep during the rest of it.

The only regular routine i have is going to Gurdwara on Sundays which i have started doing again since last month. I dont even know why i go though since people all go with their family. But then i enjoy listening to the ragis so thats my motivation as of now i suppose. Once i start Punjabi classes and learn the prayers etc im sure i'll find attending the Gurdwara much more useful.

Tomorrow may finally find some work in the city as a chef or waiter. Wages arent all that but i need the money to pay for my Uni and language courses which i hope to take...

Im actually looking forward to returning to full-time education and get things back in order.

Ps, how do other people pass time when they're stuck at home all day with nothing to do? I've found i've gone back into bad habits i dropped after adopting Sikhism.

This brings me to one more question. Since i am currently no longer someone who can legitimately call himself a Sikh or on the path of Sikhism (taking into account Rehat Maryada etc) should i cut off my longs hairs and regrow them only after i am back on track?

I havent started drinking again but i've been looking into Sikh views on smoking and was surprised to learn that any tobacco use is prohibited (not just if inhaled into lungs or mixed with drugs). I just cant help myself though... Before it was nothing to just quit but now its like who cares i'll just do it...

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meditating is when ur concentrating on God. prayer is when ur concentrating on God for a specific reason (ie. please let me pass stats next year! please! i'll do nething for u if u let me pass!).

just kidding. meditation is concentration. prayer is kinda like talkin to God. at least tha's what i think the difference is.

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