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The best uni in CANADA is....

The best uni?  

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  1. 1.

    • U B C
    • Guelph
    • U of Ottawa
    • Queens
    • U of T
    • McGill

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k i know theres canada people on here.. so tell me what uni do u go to... ur experiance... why u think its the best!??!!! any advice on how lil princesses should choose a uni....

ASAP please i need to decide soon, VERY SOON! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh i applied for bio-chem/ bio med planning to go to med school later.... what about u peeps??!!!

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hey lil_princess... wow. u've got ur work cut out for u fo sho.

a really good school to try n get into in terms of a bsc would be mcmaster. they're apparently better than u of t, but dun toot their horn as much. (i dun like u of t.. the profs are all snobs and most of the ppl who've gone to the downtown campus hated it and regretted goin there.)

mcgill's another really good choice for a science school.

but at the end of the day, what really matters is where u feel comfy and where u think u'll enjoy bein for the next 3/4 years. cuz if u're not happy with ur location, it'll show up in ur transcript.

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thanx everyone for the input and support... i know i applied to McMasters and they rejected me..i applied to one of the hardest programs.. health sciences and for them i guess a 90 sum average ain't good enough... well im not goin to mac if they don't want me! lol screwwwwww them! lol my choices are with u of o, u of t, western and maybe guelph (but most liekly not b/c its in the middle of no where) i rejected queens... lol

k any info wud be good!

ps. i heard YORK uni is a ghetto school! well it is in the place where at least 2-4 people get shot a week! lol i don't think its that great for science


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no one gets shot at york! what u talkin bout! i mean we do shoot ppl down with verbal insults for insulting us like that! but no physical shootings! :P

if i were u, i'd go to western... and yeah, mac's a pretty biatchy school when it comes down to that... u gotta be super-geniuses to get there.

and york isn't bad for science. i mean, they'll let u live and breathe compared to other schools while gettin ur education.

but yeah, if u're gonna go with u of t, prepare to bring tissues to all ur quizzes, tests and exams, because EVERYONE walks outta there crying... i'm so serious. and another thing is this:

to pass a course: u gotta work hard.

to get a 60: u need to do a bit extra work.

to get a 70: stop eating 3 times a day and goin out occasionally.

to get an 80: stop eating, sleeping or doing nething that does not directly relate to u studyin out of a book in the library.

to get a 90: not happenin unless ur god.

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thats my prob with it!!! ill be like 6 hours away from home and ill miss MOMM AND DAD and familia! so sad! but i think i am goin to end up goin there... i did a lot of thinkin and i think western is goin to be it....

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first of all im goin to uni to study! no party :D lol after all i want to get into med school!

secondly, CANADIAN universities are amazing.... why else u americans taking all the doctors and everyone (called brain drain in Canada) b/c u guys offer more money for us..and Canadian uni costs so much less then american uni....

anywayz EVERYONE whos in western.. there will be a new princess in the uni ! watch out!!!! and pm me if u are in western.. i need friends! lol

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