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What do you know about 'jalebi'? Is it a 'Gol' (round shaped) dish or square?  

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    • It is great 'Gol' sweet dish.
    • It is a great 'chauras' (square) sweet dish.

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Jalebi is a great Punjabi sweet-dish. :wink: I do not know what it is called in English. :shock: I would appreciate you if you can please tell me what Jalebi is called in English. :?:

Lo ji, we heard a Punjabi fake (folk :LOL: ) song, 'Kerhe Yaar Ton Jalebian Khaandi'. Bas Ji, there was water in our mouth. You will say why I have used the word 'our' instead of 'my'. It is because Amrit bhaji was also feeling some water in his mouth.

Lo ji, both of us, in our desi 'puthe sidhdhe' kurhte pajamas, started our journey to sweet shop. We entered a shop and purchased some Jalebis. But bhaji said it is not good to sit in such a shop, because we are in desi type puthhe sidhdhe kurhte pajamas. So, we purchased jalebis and came out of the shop.

Bhaji was looking for a solitary place, where no fly (two legged fly) could take its share from our jalebis. So, we found a tree, and stood there. As we tasted jalebis, we felt that we are chewing chewing-gum. Bas ji, we threw the jalebis away. Song was not good now for us, 'Kerhe Yaar Ton Jalebiaan Khaandi, Hun kehndi diabetes ho gayee'.

Par bhaji kiththe manan vaale san ji. Next day, we reached Chandigarh and entered famous 'Nanak Singh Sweets'. Lo ji, jalebis were so delicious. We ate many jalebis, plate was empty in a few minutes. Now, we were licking our fingers.

Bas ji, now we are 'gulaam' of jalebis. We go to that shop twice in a week. We want to get rid of jalebis, but jalebis do not want to leave us.

Now, we sing, "Kerhi dukaan ton jalebiaan Khande, Hun roz uththe hi jaande ho".

Paramjit singh Mintu


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'Jalebis' are really good. If someone else pays the bill, then you will find that 'Jalebis' are so sweet. :LOL: . For example, Paramjit Singh Mintu and myself today eat too much 'Jalebis' and these were sooooooo sweet for me. :LOL: .

Sometimes, unfortunately, you could have to pay for the 'Jalebis'. In this situation, Jalebis could taste salty.

The research says that Jalebis are not just sweet-dish. A jalebi can be used as a weapon. Don't you remember a song, "Tut Paine Ne Jalebi Maari"? So, if required Jalebi can be used as a weapon. It is understandable that Jalebi is a 'Astra', not 'Shastra'. I mean you throw Jalebi like a bomb. You cannot use it as a sword.

It will be useful to note that when you throw bomb, you clean your hands using soap. On the other hand, when you got a chance to throw Jalebi, you just lick your hand and fingers. Thus, if you use 'Jalebi' as a weapon, you save soap.

While eating Jalebis, one should be very alert. If 'chaasni' of Jalebi fells on your cloths, it will send invitation to hundreds of insects. Thus, eating Jalebis makes you always alert.

Jalebis are great. Especially, if someone else pays the bill.

Well, I again feel some water in my mouth. I should go to the sweet shop right now, I think.

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