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The Day after tom movie...


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I just watched "The day after tom movie" last weekend. Movie was really good.

It shows how this world ends with mother-nature disasters. When i see ranges of turnado's, snow storms... just really felt like kalki Avtar is here :D

Really funny thing is when american citizens had to go south ie- mexico as illegal immigrants, refugee's and were living in refugee's camps :LOL::LOL::LOL: .. i almost died laughin at that scene man.. days aint look for soo called god bless america does it?? I hope i can see those scenes americans as illegal immigrants ie- aleins as they like to call it while i m alive.... :D :D

Khalsa Gaygaie Laaandi-Pundi Bajaaaaaaaaaaayaie :twisted: :twisted:

Please leave your inputs regarding that movie.. i m goin to buy it on dvd


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lol, N3O that was one of the worst movies I've seen in recent times. The film was just another Independence Day but in a different setting (same director surprise surprise!).

The cliche's were so predictable -->

- the doctor wife staying behind with the sick kid. Ambulance man walks through the mist to save her.

- the girl is on the brink of death coz she cut her leg whilst saving the thickest family in the film who think the car is the safest place to be. Je ne sas pai?

- the deputy President being an arrogant stuck-up fool who then changes his ways for the better 'after seeing the light'.

- the father walks into the library room: girl says 'Who's that?', son (whilst stickhing out his shaati) says 'Thats my father'. (I fell off my seat laughing at that scene!)

Also, notice how the rich kid was meant to be evil at the beginning. But as the plot develops the director seems to forgt abt his character (and his little bro who was trapped somewhere - what happened to him?) - the rich evil kid turns to rich good injured kid in an instant.

lol, but yeah the effects were pretty.

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