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Jot Ghee

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How strict is the taksaal on lighting Jot of desi ghee? I know that Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee writes in gurbani paat darpan that it is mandatory durind an akhand paat. He also says that you should lite dhoof and jot during raihraas time aswell. Is this done in Malton Gurdwara and Taksal gurdwara. I fing that the taksalee singhs I have met so far say it is mostly brahman vaad. Please share your views. What I don't understand is if Baba jee wrote it in his book why is it not strictly followed in the taksaal??? What about aother sampradaa's like nihangs, Rara Sahib, Harkhowal etc, etc

Please inform

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Guest Javanmard

Nirmalas and Nihangs practice full arti arta as it is part of Indian court etiquette to honour one's King with lamps, incense, flowers and the sound of conches, bells, trumpets and drums.

The arti arta predates temple worship in medieval India and is thus a court ritual later on adopted by temples. To call it brahman vaad, when it was in fact created by kshatriyas is pure ignorance and stupidity!!!

Those Taksalis who are against it are idiots and should re-read Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranvale's works where he clearly specifies that the lamps and incense attract "the devte and devtian and the shahids who come to bless the sangat and listen to gurbani". Gurbani is for all the creatures not just for humans!!!

Also may I just mention the fact that I find it quite funny to see people call themselves Taksalis (meaning "person attached to a taksal or school") when most of these people haven't learnt santhia themselves in a taksal let alone followed the examples of Baba Sundar SIngh Bhindranvale who learnt Sanskrit and Braj! It would be more correct to say: I follow the Bhindran Kalan taksal's or Chowk Mehta taksal's rahit rather than using the term taksali which sounds hollow given my interaction with some "taksalis" in the West who have little or no idea of what these honorable Sikh institutions really are about!

To be a Sant Jarnail SIngh fan and Khalistani is one thing to be a student of either one of the Bhindra up-sampradaya's taksal's is another.

My experience is that those so-called "taksalis" in the West (UK, Canada and USA) have absolutely no idea of the cultural richness of the tradition they claim to be part of. Many ignore the writings of Sant Gurbachan Sing Bhidranvale let alone the activitiez of Baba Mohan Singh Bhindranvale, a great scholar of Sanskrit.

I find it quite disgusting to see some immature, insecure, ignorant and mysoginist young men using the tern "taksali" to qualify themselves when most of them barely know their ooraa-airaa!

I would suggest they follow the examples of Sant Sundar SIngh Ji and Sant Gurbachan SIngh Ji and turn their attention to intellectual and cultural activities (body building is NOT a cultural activity) and learn from a taksal if they want to earn the title taksali.


shaka nyorai

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VahegurujikaKhalsa, VahegurujikiFateh!

'Samosa Singh' - if you are asking the question whether Jot and Dhuup are done at Damdami Taksaal Guru Ghars, this means that you do not know the answer. So how can you say that Damdami Taksaal does not follow what Sant Gurbachan Singh ji said?

Also, 'shaka', what has the actions of youth in the UK who identify with Damdami Taksal got to do with Jot's?

If you have a problem with them - why not talk to them face to face when they say questionable things?

I was wondering whether 'shaka nyorai' has in fact taken Santhia? And how is he qualified to say what Damdami Taksaal is 'about'?

As to Jot's, Sant Gurbachan Singh said that a Jot is to be lit at night time when doing Maharaaj da Paat and at the time of Rehraas Sahib ('Gurbani Paath Darpan'). Sant ji also said that Aarti is to be done WITHOUT lights


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Guest Javanmard

Dear Harpratap,

1. I have not insulted the taksals in any way! I know their history and practises

2. I have NOT taken "santhia" from any of the Bhindranvale taksals as I was told by my Nirmala teachers that having already studied the ancient Indian languages I did not need to go through the process of "parroting" someone else's pronounciation of gurbani, even though I think this might be extremely useful for youngsters who would like to learn gurbani by heart in a shudh way.Sant Sundar SIngh Bhindranvale himself based his type of santhia on classical Indian philology and that is what I try to emulate. I and other people have noticed certain differences in the pronounciation of certain words by experts of santhia especially those of Persian and Sanskritic origin. My choice in this remains to stay as close as possible to the etymological origin. eg. I will pronounce "razai" not "rajai" as "razai" derives from the arab-pers. ridha. Having said that I think the Bhindranvale Taksal does a good job and I am a great admirer of Sant Mohan Singh Bhindranvale who is a scholar of Sanskrit and Braj and does katha of the Bhagavadgita!

3. My comments about the the so-called Western Taksalis are to be seen as "en passant" comments and not part of my main response about the issue of jot and incense, even though it was triggered by the mention that some "Taksalis" said it was brahmanvad which of course is pure non-sense. I do know many young Taksalis in the West who are proper Taksalis (they have learnt from a taksal) and with them I have no issue as they are generally gentle minded and peaceful. I also had the opportunity to talk to people who thought they were "Taksalis" and said non-sense such as incense is brahmanvaad and to them I have told them that they were wrong.

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