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Many Happy Returns for the day NEO, the Administrator

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i believe this calls for a song...

*clears throat*

*audience waits in silence*

*you can hear a pin drop in the silence*

*clears throat again*

heppy berday to juuu!

heppy berday to juuu!

heppy berday dear Neooo!

*takes a breath*

heppy berdaaay to juuu!

*everyone goes wild and gives Sukhi a standing ovation!*

HEPPY BERDAY NEO! time to find you a wife! :shock: :P just kidding, chile...

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Fateh Amrit ji

How are you ? I overheard on this forum the other day that you are not keeping in good health...

Dear Veer Ji, I am having some health problems. This is the reason that I come online only for a few minutes. I will not be able to come online in next few days or weeks. I will be okay by the prayers of good people like you, I hope. Thank you very much.

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