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deeper thinker

check da 51 hukams of guru gobind singh ji, it says you should only marry a sikh if you is sikh yahself

and guru amardass ji i think also said you must only marry a gurmukh and not a manmukh which also means you must marry a sikh, and why would the guru makes us born in a sikh family.........to marry a non sikh?

anyway if ju believe its ok then carry on yaar

I did check the so called Hukamnama. That is what I did not like to begin with.

I can't think that a Sikh Guru can be discriminative.

Since I can quote form the Gurbani:

Koi Bole Ram Ram; Koi Khudai; Koi Sewe Gusaian; Koi Allay Allay;


Karen Karim; Kirpa Dhar Rahim Rahim.

Thats what my point is why to follow something blindly. Sikhism has embraced all religions into the SGGS then why will Sikh discriminates when it comes to marriage.

Guru Arjun Dev ji created Harmandir with doors on Four sides to iterate on the Philosphy of Sikhism that its doors are always open to people of any religion but you are trying to say that Guru Gobind Singh ji who is the same Jot of Guru Nanak and Guru Arjun might have said that

"A Sikh should not marry a non Sikh"

I've my doubts on the Hukamnama to be from the Guru, as it may be form panth ke new leaders.

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I can't think that a Sikh Guru can be discriminative

i can see how thats discriminative, The way i ment it was, its best for a Sikh to marry a Sikh.as the future kids would not be confused what to follow :LOL:

but i don't think i ment it as You should "only" marry a Sikh, a person can do what they want.........they have that freedom in Sikhism

sorry i said anything the wrong way

deepthinkersikh, would you marry a non sikh?

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Dhan Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj!!!

hir pRiB kwju rcwieAw ]

har prabh kaaj rachaaeiaa ||

The Lord God has arranged the marriage ceremony;

gurmuiK vIAwhix AwieAw ]

guramukh veeaahan aaeiaa ||

He has come to marry the Gurmukh.

vIAwhix AwieAw gurmuiK hir pwieAw sw Dn kMq ipAwrI ]

veeaahan aaeiaa guramukh har paaeiaa saa dhhan ka(n)th piaaree ||

He has come to marry the Gurmukh, who has found the Lord. That bride is very dear to her Lord.

sMq jnw imil mMgl gwey hir jIau Awip svwrI ]

sa(n)th janaa mil ma(n)gal gaaeae har jeeo aap savaaree ||

The humble Saints join together and sing the songs of joy; the Dear Lord Himself has adorned the soul-bride.

suir nr gx gMDrb imil Awey ApUrb jM bxweI ]

sur nar gan ga(n)dhharab mil aaeae apoorab ja(n)n(j) banaaee ||

The angels and mortal beings, the heavenly heralds and celestial singers, have come together and formed a wondrous wedding party.

nwnk pRBu pwieAw mY swcw nw kdy mrY n jweI ]4]1]3]

naanak prabh paaeiaa mai saachaa naa kadhae marai n jaaee ||4||1||3||

O Nanak, I have found my True Lord God, who never dies, and is not born. ||4||1||3||

There's some proof for you, even though your banned, naughty you, :LOL:

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guvvy ji, (nice name innit)

that singh should marry apni, vice versa yaar, , gurmukh da nai pata? :S

if ive misinterpretered it plz tell me........so i can correct it

me gettingh sick of arguements

*geos and tries to naam jaap*

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a sikh boy should marry only a sikh girl . that's the hukam of guru ji .

if the muslim girl takes amrit and becomes sikh , then the sikh boy can marry her .

if she does not converts, stay away from her . ( sikho beware from turks and turkanis )

I don't agree. It isn't Guruji's Hukam because Sikhi is based on equality, if it was Guruji's hukam, where does equality come into it?

The thing is, why would you want to convert? I mean, I think that if someone loves you, they should love you for you and wouldn't wish to change you. Asking or wanting you to convert is just the same as changing you.

This type of thing shouldn't be happening in the first place. Our religion isn't against us marrying a non-sikh, but our culture is.

Bul Chuk Maaf


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