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The Punj Shastars


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does anyone have any rehatnamai or bani or anything that tells nihangs to wear the punj shastars?

these being (in the dumalla), teer, khanda, kirpan, inverted kirpan (dunno name), and chakar.

what are the signifagace of each one?

i pmed narsingha, but yet again, no reply. he seems to know tons about nihang marayda...



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'Panj Shastar Dhar Dehi Pai, Kripan Gatre Rakh

Karad Bhet Bin Paan Nahi, Akaal Bhaav Sat Baakh'

Keeping the five weapons on body, in the sword-belt he keeps a sword.

Without dipping his dagger in food and uttering Immortal God's name he does not eat.

(Rehitnama, Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa 96 Crore Budha Dal Weapons License Pg 11)

The 'Panj Shashtar' as per Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa Maryada are:

a) chakra

B) teer

B) khanda

c) bank

d) kripan

They are worn by men around the top-knot (which is wrapped with a dark blue keski). Their significance varies according which Nihang you speak to, but they are considered as both symbolic and functional.

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