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Meri Abai Benti Sun Lejai


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hae rav hae sas hae karanaanidhh maeree abai binathee sun leejai ||

aar n maa(n)gath ho thum thae kashh chaahath ho(n) chith mai(n) soee keejai ||

shasathran so(n) ath hee ran bheethar joojh maro(n) thoo saach patheejai ||

sa(n)th sehaae sadhaa jag maae kripaa kar sayaam eihai bar dheejai ||1900||446||

found it, it was accaulty on page 837, close though.

anyways, does anyone know where that is in sri dasam granth sahib?

it would have to be up to pauri 1900 right? so im guesing krishna avtaar? or maybe in the chritropakhyan?

narsingh help me out man :)

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i found it in krishan avtaar in gobind sadans pdf files. but quite interestingly i didnt find it in bhai randhir singhs steek of sri dasam granth. like it wasnt at the same pauri number. weird...

ill look it up in kolhis translation when i borrow it from a friend.

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