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www.urday.com ( hindu site )

Some of the material u may find offending and inappropriate for below 18 . So be careful .

i just found these interesting facts :

These r hindu point of view :

Why Should One Take Bath Daily ?

Bath is taken for the cleansing of body. From religious as well as scientific points of view, bath has an important place in daily routine of a person. Bath is a customary activity in all the religious and social functions of Hindus. Daily life of a Hindu usually begins with bath. Some people conclude their day with bath also. A child is first of all given a bath soon after his birth. On the other hand, a dead body is also given a ritual bath. Importance associated with holy places of pilgrimage like Haridwar, Kashi, Prayag, Kurukshetra, Ujjain, Nasik, Pushkar and many others is mainly due to the bath if not entirely. In the first Mahakumbh of the millenium, which is currently on in Allahabad, crores of people have taken a dip at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers so far. It is said that taking a bath at holy place of pilgrimage helps a person attain various religious objectives including salvation.

Scientifically too, bath has profound benefits. Our skill contains crores of minute pores through which toxic substances pass out in the form of sweat and wax. This activity is highly important to maintain the thermal balance of a human body. Sweat keeps on evaporating there by taking a lot of heat with it. But the various other substances like grime keep on accumulating right on the skin. It is necessary to constantly remove that grime otherwise, it would lead to clogging of the sweat pores. Once, the pores are closed, internal toxic substances cannot come out and would go on accumulating in the body causing serious disturbances in bodily activities. Stenching body is the first indication that something is wrong with a person. With daily bath, this grime can be washed away and good health be maintained.

It is also a well known fact that our body is composed of five basic elements- earth, water, air, fire and ether. Proper balance of all these elements within the body is extremely necessary for life. Each of these elements keeps on decaying in our body. Hence, their constant replenishment is also necessary. The food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe are the means to replenish these five basic elements in our body. When the level of water decreases within the body, it begins to feel uneasy. Burning sensation in and around the stomach indicates that the body immediately needs replenishment of water. Drinking of water quenches this feeling. But out skin also keeps on losing water and bath is the only way to replenish it. Thus with bath, body receives extreme satisfaction and becomes active. Mind also feels pleasant and lethargy is destroyed.

Need Of Rosary With 108 Beads ?

Our ancient sages and hermits have regarded a rosary with 108 beads as highly beneficial. They have also shed ample light on their reasoning behind this belief.

In a year, the Sun has 216000 phases in all. It remains southward and northwards for a period of six months alternatively. Thus, it has two kinds of movements in a year. To find out the number of phases, the Sun can have total number of its phases i.e. 216000 is divided by 2.

216000/2= 108000

Thus in one kind of motion, the Sun has 108000 phases. Removing all the trailing zeroes from this number, we find 108. This number has great religious as well as astrological significance. Hence use of rosary with 108 beads is mandatory.

Entire path of the constellations is spread in all the four directions. There are 27 different constellations that according to astrology mostly influence human life. Our sages multiplied this number of constellations (27) by four and fixed the resultant number (108) as the required number of beads in a rosary. Thus with 108 beads, a rosary depicts the entire path of 27 constellations and all the four directions. Apart from it, each constellation has four segments. Thus, all the 27 constellations have 108 segments in all. This combination is also reflected in 108 beads of a rosary.

According to another hypothesis, a human being breathes 21600 times in an Ahoratra (day and night taken together).

Rising Up Early In The Morning ?

We teach our children to get up early in the morning. As children, we have ourselves learnt from our parents to get up early in the morning. Indeed, getting up early in the morning has benefits beyond imagination. Mother nature is specially bountiful at dawn. Every aspect of nature is favourable for sound health in the morning. The wind is full of life-giving oxygen and comparatively free from scores of pollutants.

All through the night, the atmosphere carries out self-cleansing process. Different pollutants, suspended particles, smoke, smog, poisonous gases and other harmful agents that accumulate in the air throughout the day as a result of different human and natural activities settle during the quietness of the night. Hence in the morning, air is particularly fresh and clean. It is also said that all through the night, the moonlight keeps on impregnating the air with ambrosia. Its full benefit can be had in the early morning only because as the day rises, ambrosial quality of air decreases. Those who expose themselves to the morning air remain healthy, wealthy and sound all through their lives.

Atmosphere contains 73 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and other gases like carbon dioxide, make up the remaining percentage. Unfortunately, for the past 200 years, percentage of carbon dioxide and other pollutants have been increasing in the atmosphere at an alarming rate. Their implications have already begun to manifest causing grave concern for all the governments and wise people all over the globe.

Since the day break, as the human activities begin, these polluting gases and other particles keep on accumulating in the atmosphere whereas concentration of oxygen decreases. Towards the evening, these pollutants reach their peak. Their effect also begin to appear on human beings in the evening. You also might have experienced tiredness in the evening and inability to distinguish the smell. Thanks to the cleansing power of the night that the living beings including humans regain their lost energy and receive benefit of the fresh and pure air in the morning.

Human body is a marvellous creation of nature. It incorporates entire nature in it. As the night cleanses up the external atmosphere, similarly it also cleanses human body. A good night sleep revigorates the entire nervous system of the body and replenishes the energy it had lost during the day. Thus in the morning, the body experiences new lease of life. Mind is fully alert and receptive. Hence the body is fully capable of carrying out even the most complex task.

Why Not Have Siesta ?


Except during the summer season, a healthy person must not sleep in the day in any other season. This condition does not apply to the children, old people, patients and those who work in night shifts. According to Ayurveda, sleeping during the day leads to establishment of catarrh in the body. If the habit of sleeping in day time is not given up earlier, this condition takes firm root and produces cough related disorders in the body.

Most of the people who habitually sleep during the day suffer from respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis and even tuberculosis. Hence as far as possible, one must desist from taking a slumber during day.

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