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sat kartaareeyay- according to bharat mat darpan


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waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh....another sect of sikhi stemming from gurujii's blessing.

Bharat mat darpan: p. 69

Writer sri mahant ganesha singh ji (dera guru sar, khuda, hoshiarpur)

Publisher: chatter singh, jeevan singh


Sat kartaareeyay

A sangatee of guru arjun devji by the name of sodhi lived in Lahore in 1650 (bikrami). He came to guruji’s darbar with the intention of doing seva and serving the guru. He did seva and also repeated “sat kartarâ€.

Guru arjun devji became very impressed with sodhi’s devotion and said you will be a man who will possess a lot of riddhian siddhian. This person’s tej increased and he ended up keeping himself (gupt) hidden and continued to do seva and worked for a living to meet his basic needs. Whenever anything came out of his mouth it turned out to be true.

He gained a follower by the name of sangat das khatree. Sodhi gave him his seli topi and passed away shortly after.

Sangat das lived till the age of 130. He spent all his time doing simran and tapasya. He stayed in a (chaubaaray). He may have had miraculous abilities but he didn’t once display any. He would constantly mutter sat kartar. When he would say these words, people felt it and a following started.

Sangat das’s son, hazaari das, became the next figurehead/leader and he moved to sri hargobindpur. He increased the following and even made a makaan which is still seen on the corner on beas by hargobindpur (again this book was written a long time ago, so it may no longer exist).

The next figurehead/leader was hazaari das’s son, harlaal das. He was also a very devoted soul. He preceded haridas and from that point onwards the sect flourished.


They wear the majeet color that sadhu’s wear. Some even wear white clothes, but their turbans are always colored. They follow all the practices of the udasi mat, minus the dreads and ash smearing. They follow guru granth sahib ji and do satnaam and sat kartar jap. They also lecture on these 2 topics. When they great each other, they say “sat kartar, sat kartarâ€. This sect hasn’t spread outside of punjab

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always a pleasure to get input from you :D . Please feel free to educate the sangat more about these sects. as of late, I have been reading about baba sahib singh bedi. The book has been written by ishar singh naara.

here is something from it about other samparda's.... I'

ll post it up in a bit

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