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Is this anti Sikh site ?

vijaydeep Singh

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LOL i just read some of the posts on that board. omg... its nuts, check it out for urselfs.

pure stupidity. when u get posts that have the title "How the British divied Sikhi from Hinduism" and "Guru Gobind SIngh J worshipped Hindu Gods" , u know something is wrong.

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Veer Sukh Singh, I know exactly what you mean. I cant believe how stupid some of those people sound. I can understand when non-sikhs i.e. Hindus say such stuff, but it's really disgusting when our own start to act like a bunch of Baandars and start saying that “Sikhs are part of the Hindu Nationâ€, we wear blue because it is some how our devotion to “Lord†Shiva i.e. Shiv Swaroop, “Bhindrawala was a terroristâ€, “Sikhs were the original Hindusâ€, “Guru Gobind Singh Jee was a devotee of Chandi Deviâ€.

So don’t be so surprised considering that we have enough baandars to worry about who are no less disgusting as some of the folks on that forum.

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

The site in question is indeed of concern and highlights how easily idiots can try and manipulate matters.

Singh47, with regard to your comments on Shiv Saroop and for others, I recall seeing this earlier on Tapoban;- please see below taken from http://www.tapoban.org/phorum/read.php?f=1&i=18898&t=18898

Also is it possible that because the aad-chand is a symbol of Islam, and the shiv-ling a symbol of Hinduism, the Bhagauti sword is a symbol of the one infinite creator of all - that the combination emblem, which Gursikhs now adorn their dastaars with, is a representation that there is IK ONKAR above all other religions?


this is absolutly true, the khalsa bana is a representation which is recognised by both muslims and hindus aswell as sikhs

in the times of guru gobind singh ji the hindus made moortis of gods and goddesses, to guru gobind singh ji goddess chandi wasnt a idol, the power of chandi is in the sword, chandi rides a tiger (singh), rather then making people bow infront of a idol and wish that something happens, maharaj gave us the power to learn how to use shastar, so a singh with a shastar in his hand (Chandi) is the power to destroy evil in itself

the blue bana can be seen as the colour of shiv ji, the farla is a representation of devine knowledge as depicted in pictures of shiv ji with the ganga sprouting from their head, shiv ji in hindu mythology is the destroyer, so he has a considerable about of rudra rass (essense of fury), so the moon (chand) on his head cools this rage - curled moustashes can be seen as the tarshool of shiv ji

on the islamic side, the moon is a symbol of their faith, the blue bana can be contrasted with the 5 khalasi (who are described to wear blue clothes and turbans) that will arrive with medhi avtar

so to these 2 major faiths the khalsa bana has something familiar with their own, and brings harmony and recognition amongst them, hence bringing ppl of both faiths together through our identity and roop, just as bani brings all faiths together, so does bana

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das as you all know due to his radical views can spoil the atmosphere of that site,

So das requests you to kindly show Hindu Brothers over there ,the true light. Let them see there own scriptures like Vedas,Upnishads,Brahmsutra among other which preach One God.

Let them Know how Sanatan Dharam is wider than hinduism,

Let them know that nowhere in Dasham Guru Darbar we are told to worship Hindu Gods.

Sikhs know that,But it will be kind of you if you let Hindu brothers and sisters understand this.

It will be good for Hindu brothers if they understand the truth and leave childish attempt to prove us as a sect of Hinduism.

Lastly Das want those Hindus to be in constant touch with people like you(moderators and other Panthic vidvaan of this site) so that they too get influnce of Sikhism on them.As Sikhawarness is not only for Sikhs but equally for non Sikhs too and what is its use if it does not make non Sikhs aware of Sikhism.

may Akal help you in this mission.

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