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concept of hell


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i thought that sikhs didnt believe in a hell but reading all the posts about jamdoots and stuff it leads me to think there is a hell...if a jamdoot comes and you say gods name then does it go away? also did god create a jamdoot? plz dont give me any links on the subject matter plz provide stright answers... its a very scary concept...

oh yeh

and when someone dies..and when they get cremated will they feel the pain, does the soul leave the body immediately when we die...or does it stay there for a while..ive heard of cases where people have died but they are really alive inside but the doctors say they r dead..then they r buried alive...

sooo tell me... if a jamdoot comes what should a person do..

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This is something that can only be experienced, I doubt anyone can give you an answer. How do you know that you are able to say God's name? Maybe they have your mouth bound, maybe you are too frightened and in shock to say anything.

Anyways my personal belief is that jamdoots don't come for EVERYONE, if we have lived our lives with love and compassion and learnt the lessons we had to learn then why fear. death should be a celebration for these kind of people.

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i heard something slightly different. i heard that jamdoot (the bringer of death) comes to u in whichever manner that u so deserve. if ur evil, u get an evil visit. if ur saintly, u get a saintly visit. but i have no authority to what i say or have heard. it's just something i heard.

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Jamdoot.. hehe death... HEHEHEHE ... HELL MUWAHAHAHAHA...

Sorry man this is just a subject I really enjoy..

jamdoot are just the sevadars of YamRaj.. or Jam Raj the king of Jam.. (death ;))

They come to all who die wether good or bad. the question is what they do with you. and where they take you.

Now that is all dependant on the last thought which was in the mind at the point of death. Wether you be announced dead or not that dont matter its the point the soul melds with the cosmic soul and your ghost becomes apparent to itself, as I mentioned in some other post on this site somewhere, the whole 3 bodies Soul, ghost and physical body are explained in that post.

The Jamdoot are just those who carry you and then act out the saza if one is given, lol but in the other realm its an intresting place lol when you sleep one night I will come into your dream and take you there. ;)

The other realm the after life or whatever is a state of existence, there is no location as that realm does is not manifest as such, it doesnt have time, space, or any other dimension, it just exists as an infinity of whatever reality your ghost is in while it is there. So Hell as a place does not exist, But Hell as a reality does.. lol paradoxical.. hunna..

Thats why the period of being dead between your last life and this life, you do not remember it, even though it may have lasted hundreds of years or just a hundredth of a second. Depending on your kharam etc, just like when you sleep you dream.. The dream exists and while your there its real, but there is no concept of time or space in a dream, if your walking from point A to point B in the dream it doesnt take 5 minutes or 10 seconds.. it just exists. Same thing with the after life.

Lol I could carry on for ages but I always get to excited so I shall just stop here I think I answered your questions.. probably gave you hundred more too, but who cares.. ;)

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Lol I shall be your guide for a tour of both the heavens and the hells... So please remain seated with your hands inside the cart at all times. DO NOT feed the gargoyles skeletons and lesser evils and please refrain from leaving your bodies and uniting with the yakshinis.. or yakshinas..


So where you guys want to go first?? What do you want to know man..

Keep an open mind as this is the realm of the mind... HAHAHAHAHA.. the realm of eternal truth ---- The eternal Darness..

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well, i'd like to know everything, but tha's not the point.

what i'd really like is to see u eskplain that bit about hell not existing but existing. i've got my own theories on hell, but if u could eskplain what u meant there, i'd be much obliged... actually i wouldn't, but it'd be nice to see ur eskplanation go into a bit more detail there.

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Hummm well Hell, does it exist.. !!!

The actual question here is what do we define existing as?

Does it mean something which is present in the physical realm and has the attributes of location, space, depth, mass, volume etc etc or do we define existing to mean that which is there, no neccesarily manifest but there. Just like a dream or a thought, it doesnt really exist but you cant say a dream never occured or never happened.

This is the same thing with hell or heaven or whatever and whereever, The manifest realm the realm of the Physical body, is what we all see hear feel around us its the manifest creation, and it is bound by laws such as the laws of physics. There are four dimensions which limit all that which is manifest, the four dimensions are height length breadth and time.

These make up the manifest world the realm of the Physical Body

Next is your Soul, it is regulary called an essence of God. The atma, is part of the Parmatma. Alot of people believe it is the Soul which moves from one body to the next. But if this was the case then that would also mean that the soul would carry the Karam of a person from one body onto the next.

Yet God is beyond Karam, and judgment so how can Karam attach itself to the atma? which is no different from the Parmatma.. This atma exists in all living and non living objects, it exists in all manifestation, It is atma which allows something to be manifest but it is not atma which is bound to the manifest world.

So there must be a third body something which exists in all the bodies, which can carry karam, which can be identified by your present and previous life form and associations of those life forms. This is called you GHOST. It is your higher conciousness, your budhi. A unmanifest form which can be bound to the manifest body and when unbound can carry the karams of previous births onto the next.

The substance which the GHOST is made from is that which exists in the realm of the Higher Conciousness, and shall be called the spiritual realm. This is a realm where all shaktis and ghosts exist but they are not manifest as such. They are pure energy, Spiritual energy, which can be converted into elctro magnetic engery on this physical realm.

This is why accorrding to many old traditions the direction in which you sleep and the different states of the moon, the direction in which you bury a dead person, or cremate one are all extremely important, as they are all linked to the magnetic forces which surround the earth and the magnetic forces of the planets etc.

When you walk down the street and you see someone you think you know and your sure you have seen that person before infact you can feel their presence yet they are a complete stranger. That is a past association being achnowledged. A link between the two Ghosts is made in the spiritual realm, and this is echoed in the physical realm by electro magnetic stimulation within your brain making you recall a connection with that person, yet when your brain attempts to find the link associated to that person in its PHYSICAL memory banks it finds non, and hence you think Naaaah nevermind.

Hell or heaven or the after life is all part of that realm the subtle yet massive realm of spiritual energy. This is why at the time of death whatever you think is what you become. Now you may think that well then I will cheat my way into Bliss by thinking good things at the time of death, but when is that time and how can you be sure that you will be thinking good things. Just think next time you go for a number 2, were you thinking about God and bliss or wondering what the hell caused such a bad smell. ??

Neo did a funky presentation and I did enjoy reading the slides and stuff it was very informative. Pay close attention to the slides which depict western views of what happens when one enters the after life having died with bad deeds on their heads. There is one picture of a guy being made to hold onto a burning metal woman, while the picture shows him previously having slept with a woman (possibly meaning adultry).

In the Indian tradition there are simliar depictions and these are why most fear jamdhoots. As they are the ones who are ment to force these punishments on you. However that is an artistic exoteric representation of the after life. One way of thinking about it is that, You commit adulty because of a desire for lust and sex, when you die this remains on your mind and may turn out to be the final thought at the time of death, Now as your GHOST leaves your body the final electro magnetic energy released from the body along with the Ghost was to do with lust and adulty. This will echo throughout the Spiritual Realm as the Ghost will be attached to that thought as they are both of the same substance, so its like the last thought is a visa for the Ghost. Where that visa takes you is all dependant on what kinda visa you got.

That last thought will constantly resonate around your Ghost acting like an item of clothing. Now in the spiritual dimension it is worse then the Ghetto, there are many gangs, and you can only seek refuge amongst those who are wearing similar colours to you. So your ghost will attract the sangat of others who resonate with lust.

As I mentioned there is no concept of time in the after life so depending on when God blesses you with another womb to be reborn you will remain surrounded by that lust aura which will resonate for eternity as that is what it will seem like, because there is no time.

Being stuck around others who have lustful intent and having to constantly and for eternity view the same thought over and over again, at first sounds quite intresting the ability to shag for eternity. But then as you will surely realise thinking about it, the Ghost has a job to do and that is to pay of the heavy load of karam and become mukt. But surrounded by the same thoughts and reinacting the same thought over and over and over it becomes like a burning sensation burning your very unexistence. This is the hell that is depicted in the pictures etc.

Another way to look at it is that the womb you will get from being amongst sangat which is like minded is a womb which caters for that kinda sangat. So surrounded by lustful entities you will soon be given an oppertunity to take birth as a being which spends most its life engrossed in lust. Usually they say you would become a horny bull. or donkey.

This is also why when we are reborn we do not remember the period that we were dead. It is believed by some that a child for some years remembers all about its death and its last life, but then as it begins to get older it starts to forget and soon ends up replacing all its memories with new ones and on goes the cycle of life and death. That is true to some extent, just like a dream you will remember it well while it is happening when you wake up you will remember the key parts which stick in your head, then as time goes on the memories become more vague and soon are replaced by other memories. You have not forgotten its just that the links associated to those memories are associated to new ones so when you trigger a link it goes to the new thought or memory rather then the old one. (Read mastering your memory by Tony Buzan and his paper on thoughts and mind power)

Erm I guess thats all i can think of at the moment. Theres more but that goes off at a tangent like how one can use the ghosts of others and what are shaheeds are they just divine ghosts like angels and mokuls and what would this imply and so forth and so on.. :)

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