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Jaap Sahib & Nihangs!!!!!!!!!!


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I find it very fascinating that Nihangs in puratan time do their Shastar Vidiya training while reciting Jaap Sahib and its shands.

What I wanted to know is-

Which pentra(foot work) is alinged with which shand?

Jaap Sahib and Nihangs guide for dummies will be greatly appreciated... :LOL::LOL::D

Thanks in advance.


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"Gobinde Mukande Udhare Apare, Hareean Kareean Nirnamai Akaamai"

This was the mantasr that was Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastuan Wales lips as he left Hazur Sahib on his mission to bring the light of Gursikhi back to Panjab.

This doesnt help on the Nihang front, but I thought I'd add it in anyway.


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Guest Javanmard

it's called the Khalsa's gayatri mantra according to puratan tradition.

moderator note: This is also what Yogi Bhajan states, please provide some background for your assertion or please verify if it Yogi Bhajan who is the source of your statement.

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I have checked the Sikhnet archives for the Yogi Bhajan lectures and yoga links and certainly this is what he terms the "guru gyaitri" mantra.

It would seem that Yogi Bhajan had a much in common with the Sanatan Sikhs given his outlook on many things such as keeping idols in this house (a hugh one of Ganesh outside his villa and also of Baba Sri Chand at the main 3HO Gurdwara in New Mexico), use of tantra and kundalini to raise the serpent power and associated mantras which clearly relate to the Devi (Adi Shakti).

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