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introducing new gatka site

moorakh mugadh

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vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw!

vwihgurU jI kI &iqh!!

sadh sangat jee by grace of guru sahib we singhs have made a new site named www.sikhartsacademy.org this site will have loads of videos and pictures of gatka" THE SITE IS STILL ON BETA VERSION" any suggetions are welcomed, if guru sahibs hukam is there well try our best to teach "ONLINE GATKA TRANING" WICH WILL HAVE VIDEO OF MANY PANTRAS,we had an very successful gatka competition 2002 in that many teams where present from india and abroad the pictures are there in the site videos are going to be up soon, now again by grace of guru sahib we are going to have" INTERNATIONAL GATKA COMPETIONN 2004 ON 18TH AND 19TH OF DECEMBER" 16 teams frm india one team from malasia will be present during this event, there will be special glimpses on the event like we tryed to get many martial arts on one stage like " from india kerala there is one martial arts named "kalri pattam" they will have their demo,one is "dand patta" they are from maharastra and one is " eskrima martial arts" knowned as phillipines martial arts these three will have their demo , sangat will be very happy to know that this competion will be show LIVE on net by help of GURU SAHIB AND WAHEGUROO NETWORK we r trying our best , rest lies on guru sahibs hand, we singhs of academy need blessing of sadh sangat so that we can try to do sewa as much as possble for the panth last and not least thanks to WAHEGUROO NETWORK AND THEIR SEWADARS

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Isn't the same stick nihangs use in their martial demonstration in india??

If yes, then whats the fuss about?

Not sure if its the SAME stick.

Calm down N30, it only a wooden stick..a bit of padding...dodgy stitching...thats all.

No one's making a 'fuss' sweety pie....anyone would that your proposal for marraige got rejected :roll:

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Care to elaborate on that? :S

Just a figure of speech dear N30.

I could have also said:

a) "sounds like you won the lottery misplaced the winning ticket"

B) "got the beehive, ready to get the honey and then found out you're allergic to bee-stings"

c) "bought a bakra then realised you misplaced the tegha"

d) "got a salotar but havent made a place to stick it in"

e) "cracked open an almond, but found no nut"

f) "put on the kachera, but realised it has no naala"

...analogies....granted they are a bit non-mainstream. :wink:

(Fridays....the day the devil's worshop is working overtime)

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Well see the thing is-

On shastar vidiya site you can't really put your personal opnions or add mirch masala after a little talk with Nihang Niddar Singh.

search by your post on sikhawareness or search by gatka... you have called gatka numerous times as circus act.

Anyway, I m off to work ...see ya.

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