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Four Types of Darshan of Vahiguroo in Sargun form !!!!!!


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I was listening to katha last night where Bhai Sahib Ji talks about 4 stages of Darshan of Guru Ji(Ishat dev) discussed in puratan granths.

1. Chitar Darshan: Remebering Guru Maharaj ji by having Darshan of Guru Maharaj ji saroop/picture.

2. Sauappan Darshan: Having Darshan of Guru/Murshid Prabahm in Saupna(dream).

3. Saukhovat Darshan: Darshan of Guru Maharaj via Gurbani (Dhur Ki Bani). Only people who get darshan of Guru Maharaj via gurbani who have full devotion(sharda) towards Gurbani - ie- listening kirtan, doing kirtan, reciting gurbani.

Last Stage

4. Partak Darshan : After full devotion and full faith in Guru Maharaj. Finally Guru Maharaj give his Sikh full(pratak darshan). Only rare souls are those who get Partak Darshan of Satguru nanak dev Ji.

Let us all beg for these stages in our daily lives by doing ardas bhakti :D

Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar

Ik tuhi Nirankar

Tuhi tuhi tuhi tuhi Mohina

Saso Ki Malan Saie, Simrao Mein enka Naaaaam

Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo Vahiguroo

Anand Hi Anand

Sab Ko Anand

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I get darshans of mahatmas many times but I always think its just by chance like other regular dreams, some of dreams I remember 

one dream was like 5-6 yrs back, I saw I am riding a bicycle and Sant Teja Singh ji Rara sahib wale sitting on my cycle 😊

one dream was something like a big ocean,  many people ( also some snakes) are walking on the surface of this ocean, I was standing on one side as I was scared to walk on water, then sant Ishar singh ji came to me in pure white clothes with smiling face and told me to walk, Go u can do it, also pat on my back and I started running on water, I was about 3-4 yrs back but I can still feel this dream.

one dresm was recently, i saw that i was sitting and doing simran, i was frustrated that no improvement in my simran then all of sudden satguru nanak dev ji put his two fingers on my eyes ( my eyes were still closed I didn’t see guru ji face I don’t know how but i felt it were guru jis fingers), agter touching my eyeslids started to get light inside and I was very happy when I got up.

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once i had a dream that i was in bed and sant jarnail singh ji was standing on the foot of my bed telling me too wake up. 

once i had a very big doubt in my mind so i was asking god to help clear this doubt so i went to be and in my dream there was a beautiful tree under which guru nanak dev ji sat. i walked up to it and asked him a question he answered it and gave me lots of gian. i woke up and forgot everything he said to me but my doubt was cleared up:)

then this other time i had a dream in which guru nanak ji told me to just do simran. then i said something like but my parents told me to study hard and get a good job. he then told me again to just do simran. 

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