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Comeercial avenue for Nihungs of UK

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das has seen that in USA Harbhajan Yogi set up a big business.

Like him Nihungs of Uk there ALso have Yoga of Sanjam Kirya.They even know martial Arts.

So why not in UK they also start a security agency whcih could go international later.

They can use thier martial arts to the best.They can orgainse the trainer training progrrame also.

From funds generated from it,they can set up a big university to teach al aspects of Niuhngs and Sanatan Sikhism liki music,Weaponary,Yoga etc.

They can have navtive or African converts also.

And with fund generated they can do a good lot of preaching all over the world and also sent relife matterial in natural calamitied lie that of recent tsunamis if occur in future,

Best of Luck!

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Also, I think the issue of selling such 'arts' would prevent this from happening. For instance, with the Shastar Vidiya, I think starting up a security firm would be akin to training an army of mercenaries, as that is the role that such an organisation would effectively be filling- selling their vidya (or hiring it out), in a manner in which would likely be percieved as disrespectful.

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I believe that is correct too- Nihang Singhs not only defended their own villages, but were asked for elsewhere too, as for instance if I am not mistaken, I believe that during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji that those in charge areas away from the Sikh kingdom asked for Nihangs to effectively form 'police squads' for them, and paid them more than other such policing squads of pathaans/locals etc were paid in respect of their greater abilities in such a role.

However, I do not see this as akin to the issue of security, which to me personally seems low end in comparison to such duties. However, I suppose that's just my opinion, and many others will see it differently.

I have read this on the www.shastarvidiya.org website as one of the conditions to be respected if you desire to learn Shastar Vidiya

"2) Not to make money from Savya Rakshah for purely personal use at expense of Savya Rakshah Vidiya in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER"

(emphasis included in original)

I suppose according to this, a balance would be required if any security firm was to be set up

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oh b4 84 there was the 1947 partition. My grand parents told me stories about when they were children, told me in a calmly way about women being raped and how some nihangs killed many muslims. wiping out villages. that was a big time war between punjabis.

enough self defence tactics came to use.

i know i'm lazy and my post r short and sweet thank ju. other ppl can fil in the caps with their good english spelling.

from old ppl to young ppl boys and men and babai all did some sort of defending or raki of the woman on the trains, wagons etc. it was full on blood shed.

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Definately true. I have heard such stories too. I believe there were organised groups of muslims who would hide and wait to ambush people leaving Pakistan for India if they had no transport, and were using carts etc. Trains and other forms of transport were also targetted. As these 'gangs' knew that the travellers would be carrying all of their posessions with them , they saw it as an ideal opportunity to loot people, and women and young girls were ofetn raped too, or taken away and either converted or sold into prostitution.

These were indeed desperate times, and as such the Nihang Singhs and also other high-spirited Sikhs, who were based in Pakistan at the time took it into their hands to defend the innocent victims before attempting to make their way to India. From what I understand, these Pakistani-based warriors were joined by those from Indian Punjab once the refugees who had arrived in India made it clear what was happening, and as such many tyrants were destroyed.

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k no way am i saying it was just nihang singhs fighting. NO. it was Punjabis. it was a punjab war. and muslim were not the only bad ppl. punjabis from the india side from what i know did not rape the woman but they did break many bones and even killed pakistani panjabis.

this is no street fight from what we may think. this is wiping out of all men in villages. something us modern ppl can not comperhend. well it still happens 2day. wiping out familes. stuff cases were seen in the 80's and 90's.

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das may disagree with them at two points (Female and lower caste issue) but even then they are 101% better then Kala Afghana type or some particular Jatha types of missionaries.

Das can say that they accept Sikhism as it is and do not oppse writing of Tenth Guru as even most of the Granthis of sgpc controled Gurudwaras have started.

To suruvive and to compete and to continue they too need fund.And as per traditons Nihungs do not use 'Puja Ka Dhan' or what could be perhaps termed as donation.As most of the funds via sgpce are used to strenghten idealogy of Kala Afghan Sahib Ji.

So Nihungs may not rely on others to as they did in past.They have to fend for themselves and come out victorious.So this could be one of the way for them.

There could be many others avenues also as Das knows many Nihungs also who are experts in Ayurveda. Kindly think over it seriously then making fun of them.Any part of Panth if exels then ultimately it is profit of Panth.Akal Bless.

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