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Namastan Akarman.Namastan Adharman. (Bhujang Prayat Chhand, Jaap Sahib)

That's right Adharman.Go check.You know what adharma menas?That should get you thinking.

Ultimately Truth is above morality, immorality and amorality.But this is something that not all can understand.That is why you have so much syapa in this world.All is Hukam.

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In the Spiritual essense it is beyond all. In the suble realm of maya, are morals not simply guidelines to which we must adhere to. Altho one should understands that these morals are only to peddle your boat into the right direction. Peddle your mind into the right mindset of good karam thru which you are able to see the true path for yourself. Ultimalty these morals are only used to reach to a certain point in your Mind-Spiritual development, So they have served their purpose. Now we can begin the journey to remove the duality from our minds.

Does this make sense??

Hari: What is Adharman? Does it simply mean without Religion/Law?

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Adharma = unrighteousness, irreligion, immorality, sin

So why is Satguru Gobind Singh saying that Vahiguru is Adharman?Well, all the steeks I have read on Jaap Sahib say it refers to Vahiguru being beyond Dharma, not subject to Dharma.Which is true, Vahiguru isn't subject to anything.So in my view Satguru is saying that Vahiguru is an amoral Entity when He says: "Namastan Adharman" (Bhujang Prayat Chhand, Jaap Sahib)

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