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Foreign students find Golden Temple fascinating

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A group of 11 students from the USA, who have been in India for the past two months, were in the city to study "comparative religion". Lead by Ms Linda Learman, Associate Director, Comparative Religions and Cultural Programmes, New York, the students undertook the study. They said they found the Golden Temple "fascinating".

The three-day study programme was organised by the Sanjh Saaz International's local chapter here. Dr Jatinder Jolly, a Punjabi language lecturer in Guru Nanak Dev University, was the convenor.

The study group stayed at the Golden Temple sarai. They also visited the Miri Piri Academy of American Sikhs, Khalsa College, Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, Durgiana Mandir and Bhai Vir Singh Hall. While Ms Linda found the music of religious hymns "excellent", Ms Hillary Belhancourt (21), studying international relations, described the religious procession of Palki Sahib as "divine".

Eighteen-year-old Anna Boiko, who is a student of development and ethnic conflict, found the langar tradition "very striking." "I was amazed as people voluntarily served food, cleaned plates, cooked food for thousands in a single day," she added.

Ms Victoria Ligon (23), a student of politics, said there was a feeling of equality in the religion.

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