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people are disrespecting our Sikh heritage and we are standing by and just watching.

everyone agrees what happens on the streets of southall every vaisakhi is wrong......yet we don't do anything.

people say 'we can't do anything'..........wrong.

all these big timers.......'lewisham jag'....'shere panjab' ........i could go on and on..............WHERE ARE YOU??????

its all good having reputations and giving it large but when the time comes to prove it, its important you are there.

this can be stopped.

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The broadway is mashed up. Girls getting picked up, chirpsed etc. Mans getting drunk and waving Nishan Sahibs about.

Only muppets on the road, no one to stop them.

Where are the Sikh mans we keep hearing about?

Please tell us more like- date/time this happened and where it happened??

were you there?? if you were there.. did u try telling that to sevadars?? if you did.. what did they say?

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