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Duties Of Sikh

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I'm going to share a story, it may help!

a tired man was walking in a desert. he hadn't drank or eaten for 2 days and the sun was teeming down harsh on him. He was hoping for some relief, some shade, some water....As he was walking he saw this beautiful palm tree and he thought "oh yes, thank you lord..you have heard my prayers"...as he approached, he bumped into a STICK that was put into the ground vertically. He realised the STICK was the palm tree and that he saw a mirage.....

so for the benefit of others he put the stick down so no one would bump into it

3 days later, another man, with the same circumstances was walking from the opposite direction and was staggering because he couldn't handle the heat. Well as he was walking he 'tripped' over the stick'

so for the benefit of others, he put the stick in the ground VERTICALLY, so that no one would trip over it

now, in assessing our actions...lets act in a way that is grounded in the right intention...waheguru will give the desired result.

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