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Sikhi Camp 2005

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Sikhi Camp 2005...Its back!! :D:D

Sikhi camp has been a constant source of inspiration for young Sikhs since it started almost a decade ago. The camp has provided a chance to meet young Sikhs from all over the UK and Europe.

What is it? it's a residential action packed 6 days aiming to create an environment that is unlike anything else out there.

Sikhi camp has a simple aim: to bring unity in our community by sharing time and experiences with young Sikhs from all over the UK.

Every Sikh is proud of their heritage and wants to learn more but they don't want to be preached at. We understand this, that's why an average day at the camp is mixed between short talks, discussion groups and then the whole afternoon is full of cool activities like abseiling, rifle shooting, assault courses, playing football and of course: eating chips and beans.

So if you have always wanted to learn a bit about Sikhi but not from some old guy who just about speaks English come to the camp and experience it with people from your generation!

Who's it for? anyone over 16 who is interested in learning the basics about Sikhi in a friendly, chilled, non-judgemental/non-preachy environment. It doesn't matter how religious you are. It's all about how keen you are to learn!


Why should I go? don't be stupid! Its only 50 quid for 6 days on a beachfront location (It's an army base but don't get scared we won't be sent to the Middle East when it's over.) with loads of fun activities and inspirational talks/discussions...You've been stressed all year with college/uni/work, chill out and de-stress at Sikhi camp!

Still not convinced? visit British Organisation of Sikh Students at www.boss-uk.org and www.sikhicamp.org for the photo gallery of previous camps...check out all those sunny, happy, smiling people enjoying themselves!

OK! OK! So I'm convinced!! How do I apply? wise move, visit www.boss-uk.org for an application form, but apply soon!!! The deadline for applications is 1st of JULY 2005

Need more info? contact us...via info@boss-uk.org or phone...

07956 595850 OR 07868 753551

Sikhi Camp 2005 ...Its back!!


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is everyone seriously welcome or will certain groups and individuals be banned for the safety of the other campers?

not trying to cause a fight just best that all the rules are out in the open same question applies to the sikhstudent lot and khalsa camp.

also wouldnt it be nice if the 3 camps organisers could sort out a national campers akhand paath for the chardi kala and unity of the panth - would be a nice jesture to say the least..

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