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New Rara sahib karamsar gurdwara, ilford uk pictures..!


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Any service done to seek return may not be a service but business.

And bbe it from any order.

Say A Nirmala or Nihung.All people who atttempt to work for money get rebirth.

Even service to seek return as a blessing may not be accepted.

Seva Karat Hoi Nihkami

Akal Bless.

Follwo Akal and wealth follow us. See how good serevice was done AKJ,Taksal or sgpc during tsunami and due to that they do not have dearht of money.

Sikhner Ji you are recomended to visit the same Gurudwara in evning 7:15 to 8:30 Pm GST and listen to Katha of Suraj Praksh Granth and you wil understand the meaning of Service.And Rara Sahib Taksal themselve do serivce.

They spent a good lot of mony to buy materials and to hire labour even from Rajsthan.Well Rajisthani craftmen expert in stone cutting who use to keep biris(a sort of indian cigrates) at place of Jora(Shoes) and use to smoke it after finshing the daily work.

They are my Hindu brothers and Monas or patits are niether Sikhs nor Hindu.If they are Sikhs then Das is a fool(Das due to nirmala influence Became Sikh from hindu).(Patit is one who cuts hairs after baptism other wise from Sikh Family there may be monas but in Bihar aaand in Deccan father disowns son for cuting hairs thats why we do not like Punjabis like Kala Afghana sahib)

Monas are called sirgum or head looser by us.

It is also recomneded to see Sahijdhari article on amritworld.com and you will understand the point made here.

two points

1. Patit can be reformed if at one stage they rgains Sikhhood.

2. Illegal migrants who work for mony and smoke or drink or go to massage centre in startford ie whores can not be termed as Sevadar.This is wrong trend and das beg that not to be encuoraged.So for mona it is better that he undergoes shudhi or other Yagyopaveet to become Hindu then just spoiling the name of Panth.

Perhaps he may have a Sikh son.

why das became a bit emotional due to the fact that an old Sikh with patit son told Das that Sikhs of Bihar or Hajur Sahib are Bhayyas and not Sirdars.Das can say that Sirdarhood to all humankind is given by our Father Tenth Master and it is not the Bapauti of Punjabis.This happened when Das was in UK and in east london.

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Das tenders an apology if anything wrong was writtan.If Akal want then like Das a hindu by serving in Nirmala Kutia got 5ks so will our brothers may regain 5ks whom they might have been deprived by mammon of Evil age of Kaliyuga .

And Sants of Rara Sahib Taksal may bless them.

Das is again sorry if something wrong is writtan.

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Guest Javanmard

The first time I see a gurdwara being built with such beauty and taste!!! Finally!!! It was about time!!! Goes to show that Nirmalas have got taste!!!

Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Hi Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

I walked by the Gurdwara today from Seven Kings Station, I completely forgot that it's on the High Road..I was rushing off to an important appointment and right in the corner of my eye this beautiful sight enticed me..wish I could have gone inside..will do so soon and take pictures of the interior as well..

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Sant Baba Sant Partap Singh Ji (Rara Sahib wale) and the Sangat have done a lot of Seva day and night to get this Gurdwara built and work is still being carried out.

The main construction of the building was done by a major construstion company. Most of the interior work was carried out by the Sevadars for NO Money!!!!!!!!

It's such a beautiful building.


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